I AM VERY AFRAID. I have been warned, educated, encouraged and it is time to put my best foot forward. Tomorrow Billy, will ask us if we put up any signs. What will I say? I ran out to church today. I needed the singing and prayer. I even called my Mom long distance...I wrote her a card and I still have to mail it. OK. I have to try...Please pray for me.
God Bless you. Thank you. I'll take the big sledge hammer out of the car. This is harder than I thought...hey Dean and Greg I have a metal stake and sledge hammer. All of our soil is very hard here. Come walk these beautiful neighborhoods with my husband and I. Well, like I said, I must try. Oh, I wrote my own NCND for a finder's fee. I'll fax it to my attorney. Hopefully it is a very decent contract. Yes, I'll take my camera. Adios to the faint of heart in North Las Vegas. I promise, I'll be careful. I'll carry my Rosary Beads.

More signs of change

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Start your engines and get ready to get in the Race. How many deals will slip past you if you do nothing?
Well, nothing worth having will just fall out of the sky and land on your head. Get your investors ready.
Get your professional team together. Get Moving.

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