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Roberta Newell
North Las Vegas, Nevada
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I love to buy old houses and paint them inside and outside. Add fans, extras,add charm and details like floral gardens and pathways. I have sold all my homes. Trying to trust again after lossing all of our retirement on a home we thought we were buying. Found out that the $58,000 we put down was for a "contract for sale". It was a fancy rent to own. Our credit did not show anything we had paid off and the agent did not tell the banker it was our cash downpayment. Our loan was turned down. Love to write plays and poems. Dancing after dinner. Married with three adult children. Six grandchildren. I attended Butte College,Oroville, Ca also San Jose State University, Ca and Masters Institute, San Jose, Ca

One of my plays is on Amazon, poems and photography

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Writer and Finder of Real Estate for sale.
Have Child(ren)
Completed College


I am interested in it, how's

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I am interested in it, how's the rent, HOA fee and tax like?

Non circumvent?

Contact me and I can get you access to the form as well as legal assistance to protect your assets. I wouldn't mind being a workout partner as well for building skills to reach goals. Let me know exactly what you are looking to do. Best wishes.


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Hi everyone:
I have access to more than 400 Private and Hard Money Lenders ready to fund in 5-7 days. If you can find Properties with 50% or more in equity, i can find the money for the deal. Let's say that you found a SFH for Sale Price of $100k. Repairs $20k. After Repairs Value $240k. This way we will not have to upfront money. Works with Residential, 2-4 Units and Multifamily properties. Prefered properties that needs minor cosmetics/TLC or no repairs.
If interested, PM me.