"2013 New RE Investors"

Connect with others who started their real estate investment career in 2013. So much to learn. So much to do. So many questions. You're not alone.


We are in NWA lets do some deals..

Any and all are welcome we would like to network with others who have the same goal in mind. If REI is your passion then we would be open to hear any offer you have.

Lets do some deals....


Cash Flow in Olivehurst, Ca

If you have a buyer interested in cash flow opportunities in a small Northern California town, please send a PM.

This is a bundle deal of five properties (3 duplexes & 2 SFR) for $405k.

The Key to this portfolio is the property Manager-

He has placed and has relationships with all tenants.

All tenants are interested in staying long term.

Some/most tenants are Section 8

All properties have been inspected. They are all in good to excellent condition. All have been rehabbed/painted/cleaned up with in the last 1-2 years

The portfolio currently generates over $50k per year

If we can get farther along we have rent/lease agreements.

These seem to be the ONLY duplexs in Olivehurst and the portfolio is extremely difficult to comp.

Please let me know - KVMJ

Hello~¿ Where's everybody?

Are all 2013 new RE Investors sleeping?
Is everybody on track?
I guess I'm alone in front of this scary pool.

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