Hello~¿ Where's everybody?

Are all 2013 new RE Investors sleeping?
Is everybody on track?
I guess I'm alone in front of this scary pool.

Hello, We all are probably

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Hello, We all are probably focused on RE.

2013 RE investors

Hello, I've been it this since February of 2013. I haven't made any deals yet. I am having problems getting buyers in my area. I've sent out 35 letters and 44 post cards and have had no luck. I put up some bandit signs too. I'm not giving up I just don't know what to do.

Where are you located? Do

Where are you located? Do you have a greensheet there? Have you looked up any Real estate investor meetings? Called numbers out of craigslist?

Still studying

My problem is I'm still studying the Edge 2013, Just got it a month ago. Good stuff, but still stuck. I believe I just should buy the book everyone is talking about. Is it the Millionair Book or 30Days?

Which book...?

Hi Stan,

I'm still studying too and think that Dean's book, "30 Days to Real Estate Cash" is amazing!

I've heard great things about all of his material but if you are looking to take immediate action!...I would highly recommend you start reading this one now.

I wish you all the best!


I bought the book, but with usps delivery instead of the express shipping. It's only been about a week and a half, but I feel so stuck waiting on it. I'm trying throwing up a few ads to see if I can maybe do some bird dogging. It might not work, but hey it's free and it may make money. Guess we're all in the same boat, but keep posting. Maybe one of us will say something that will make it click for another one. (Then that one gets to explain it to everyone!Smiling)

Join REI Club in your area

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look for a rei club in your area and attend their monthly meetings; networking is crucial!! Take your business cards with you and make it a goal to exchange 10 cards; you will most likely find investor buyers there! Ask what kind of properties they buy; then ask if they would like you to contact them if you have something you think they may be interested in...


Business cards

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On the business cards do we have to have a website on the card? Or can we just have a number put on them? Im reading "Be a Real Estate Millionair" right now.It's a small book, but taking me so long to read it. I work 2 different shifts. So I still haven't been able to get my buyers list started. This is harder than I thought it would be. I'm not giving up, cause up is the only way we can go. So all you other DGers Have faith that we will all be successful.
Cindy B.

Valerie is right

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Go to a REI Club sit in the back of the room and listen, the buyers will make themselves known. Then go talk with them one by one and keep in contact with these people and when you have a deal that fits them bam there you go..


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