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I haven't posted in a while but now I'm back. I'm living and thriving in the Riverside County of California. I remember when I first bought Dean's book people thought I was crazy to buy into another program. Dean's book helped me to discover things I didn't know existed in this industry. Most importantly is that it helped me to find my way. Some of you just starting out have bought the book and finished it and are motivated to get to the next step. At least that's the way I was. I called various Realtors, I made friends with title company representatives, I met with brokers, I found Investors but there was simply too much competition out there for me to really succeed the way I wanted to. I was scattered at not focused,going in so many different direction trying to absorb as much information as possible. I forgot to keep it simple. I was taking on more than I could handle and it was wearing me down. Then I sat down with my family and made a decision to focus on a main goal and accomplish it one step at a time. My goal was to have my own property management company, buy as many homes as I could and rent or sell them to maintain a living. I had to start at the beginning. Many of you are confused as to where to begin but revealing in the possibilities. Start by first asking yourself what you love to do and what are you going to do to get there. For me it was that I wanted to be my own boss buying, selling, renting and managing properties. I wanted to have a schedule that worked around me. So my advise to you today is to pick a destination and plot your path one step at a time and you get there in no time at all!!!


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Hello, Everyone ive been reading deans books lately.They have been realy inormative ive been able to lock up a good deal. i found some one who was behind in property taxes and had no mortgage i made them a low ball offer and was accepted so were are waiting to close hopefully next week . iam so excited. it has a potential profit of 20k to 25k . so my confidence has boosted.ive been marketing like crazy and found another seller who really wants to sell i think i get it 15k to 20k below fmv.How can i lock it up and assign it to a intrested buyer . its a real nice home well taken care . they just need to move out of town quick . ANYBODY OUT THERE WITH SOME ADVICE?????????????????? I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT !!!!!!!!


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fastmortgage, that sounds like a great deal. Please post the details of the deal (prices, what the house is like, etc) in the My Deals forum:

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