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Monique A. Guerrero
Riverside County Southern California
About Me: 

I live in Southern California. I have two beautiful boys Ethan and Jake. I opened up a new property management company (Cornerstone Property Management) in 2010. I look forward to a thriving prosperous future.

My interests include real estate, photography, rare stones,classic cars, and traveling.

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Notary Publc & Certified Signing Agent/Property Management
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Hi Monique.

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I just wanted to tell you I really appreciate you starting your group and giving advice and encouragement to people on the site. (I've been tempted to join just to be a part of it.) It's great to have you as part of the team. Smiling And I'm very impressed with your bio and the steps you've taken to realize your dreams. You will be an inspiration to many.

Best wishes for your success.



Monique, are you from the inland empire? if so do you know alot about the san bernardino area me and my girlfriend are interested in investing in this area but not to sure about what would be the best part of san bernardino to invest in if any info would be great. thanks

San Bernardino Investing

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I'm not a big fan of SB but if you must I would say try to stay away from homes anywhere near a liquor store and try to drive by at night to check out the noise and traffic. Stay away from homes near apartments and high schools these are potential for disaster. Be sure to check out who your neighbors are you don't want to buy the house thats next to the house that has a bunch of junky cars in the driveway. start with this then go from there remember that the price of the home is not the only thing thats important.


R.E. Clubs

Hi Monique,

Thanks for your efforts to be helpful and participate.

1. I guess you are the closest to me, I'm in Culver City (i.e. near LAX) and looking for a R.E. club in this area. Have you come across any? Do you know anyone doing deals in this area (higher prices, can it be done?)

2. My step son lives in Fontana, and I'm trying to get him into R.E. investing as well. So, in the Inland Empire, is there a R.E. club you recommend?


New to the game

I have been interested in learning how to play the real estate game. I have to over come the fear of getting in above my head. I just purchased my personal home for 125,000.00 I make 2,500.00 monthly and the payments are 1018.75 at 5.75%. The monthly payments with my regular expences make me live on a tight budget. My old house I rent out. The monthly rent is 400.00 and the mortgage is 300.00 a month. I purchased the house for 30,000. I still owe about 11,000. Help me get over the fear so I can move to my next property.

New in OKC

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I am in search of a mentor....I have an investment group and we are getting our cards in order to get started, I purchased TALD and ordered the book to gain more knowledge in order to develope my craft. I have read other books and went to several workshop.

New to the game- Don't be afraid

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Don't be afraid just be prepared. First I have to ask what state are you in? Looks like your on the right track. If your in a area where houses are not selling fast then rent them out for the time being. Tell me more/


Hi Monique

I'm in Ventura County and there are so many houses going in to foreclosures lately especially around where i live. I really want to get into investing but I'm so scared and I don't even know how to start! I'm really trying to learn that's why I bought BARM book, I haven't finish reading it. And also I've been reading every posts here. And I was glad I found you coz you're in Southern Cali too. Hope you can help me!

Need to get connected

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Hello my name is Angela Patzer
And I'm new to Real Estate investing. I need to network and find an agent, broker and other investor's. i bought both of Dean's books last month, and i'm almost finished with the latest one. I'm really excited to push forward and change my finances and build wealth for me and my family. I want to help others reach there goals as well.

Thanks Angela

I am new to this

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My name is Jamell and I am looking for a great mentor to help me with my investing career.I live in New Haven, CT and I love apartment buildings and 4 family houses. I looking to meet new people in the investing world.

Thank You

Jamell Edwards


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I absolutely love apartments and condos if you can get them at a good price. One good thing is that when you rent them your not traveling all over the city to show them. You can get to know the area, the people but especially the ways in which you need to advertise. One word of advise is to get a very thorough inspection before buying. On the upside buying this type of property can make you a lot of money but can also mean a lot of head ache if you don't have a good reliable maintenance crew or lots of repairs missed in the inspection.

Lots of luck,


I am a new Real Estate investor and a member of Deans Real Estate Academy but I am still trying to partner up with an Angel lender. I have several properties that would definately generate a profit. Do you have any suggestions ?

New Investors

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I appolgize for not getting back to you sooner. I have been in a whirlwind of success lately. After reading Deans book I started asking questions I never thought to ask and making deals you wouldn't believe. I have met with so many key players of the industry, picking up the tools of the trade. Along my travels I came across an amzing Broker that helped me find some killer deals and started me on my way. His name is Jerry Legris. If you ever get a chance and want to find the investments that could jump start your path to sucess give him a call and tell him Monique Guerrero sent you. I always send him investors that want that extra mile. his number is 949-510-2370 and email is

All My Best,

Monique guerrero

In The IE.

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Hi Monique,
I just wanted to introduce my self and say thanks for all the tips on REI.
My name is Bryan and I live in the
Lake Elsinore area and I would like to network with you.
PS. let me know if you need anything
or if I can help.

Looking for a mentor in the westchester county-NY area

Hello everyone,
I have read Dean's books (both of them) and I am ready to invest.. the problem is that as many of you I am afraid of not doing the right thing. I thought It will be a great idea to partner with a mentor, preferrably in the westchester country-NYC area (I live in westchester)
If anyone is interest please drop me a line.

Foreclosures for $26,900 includes rehab

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Hi Monique,
I hooked up with a great company down here in Southern Cal. The company is buying bulk 600 homes at a time. We are selling them for $26,900. They are refurbed for you and rent from $450-$650 per month. You have option to sell on a land contract or rent out. The company will sell it for you and place a buyer in it. You become the note holder/bank. They make payments of $500 to you for 15 years which will be $90,000. So you are helping families get into homes and own them in 15 years.
Or you can rent them out $450-$650 per month and wait until the market picks up and cash out big time. You already have equity in the home when you purchase them.
Investors here are buying 10 at a time and getting one FREE. Yes FREE. Wild huh.
The homes are in all different states such as Texas, Kentucky, MO, IN, Ohio and many more.
I will give you a $300 referral for any clients you bring me that close on a home.
The price won't be at this low price long. They said they will be raising them soon.


Hi Everybody.
I am a "greenhorn" or in other words a beginner,I currently live Douglas County....near minneapolis,MN.I watch Dean's informecial on TV amd ordered the books.for just few pages I have read....I really feel like I have been exposed to a light and I am ever ready to start receiving teaching or lessons from the students academy.....But my girlfriend and I have realized that we cant do this than also joining an REI club,to meet potential investors and share and also learn....Although I didn't say anything about my girlfriend....she is also interested in the step we are about to take and we suppose its a step at a right direction....I am sending this comment because we want to know if there are REI clubs in MN or even members from MN....Who wants to educate people or help them join REI clubs around minneapolis.I will be glad if anyone can help us.
Thank You,
Emmanuel and Michelle.


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Hi Monique and "friends",

My name's Patience and I live in NC. Fortunately, I have access to Dean's books and I'm halfway through them. I'd love to team with a (motivated) agent, that's (motivated) to locate (motivated) sellers and gain relationships with (motivated) buyers lol...seriously!
Well, I'll be visiting this site more often.
I'm ready to get my hands dirty...

Please email me anytime, I love to learn, discuss and share my ideas with others:

Thanks all and Monique for the forums!

Hi Monique and Friends

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My name is Angie and I'm new and looking for a mentor in DC Metro area. I read your new friends commit and I knew I was in the right place. I see Rina here and by what I had read from her she great.

Look forward to meeting new friends

Hi Monique

Good to know someone is in our neck of the woods. I'm in Corona, Cal looking to find a good RE club to join and learn more. If you know of any would greatly appreciate it. Also took down Jerry info for broker, thanks. Hard to get started when nobody's in your corner, an your getting bad feedback from all. They think I'm crazy. So again thanks for being here. William.


Thank you for creating this group. I too am highly motivated and want this to be the rest of my life. I have been doing my homework, and have started to get my feet wet. What do you recommend for a first or second deal, and can you give any insight or detail. Thank you again for your guidance and I look forward to your response.

Thank you,


New contacts

Hi monique,
i acame across your post and was pleasantly surprised. I am so proud that you want to have a medium through which people can share. I have been on the system for about 2yrs off/on. I recently refistied to see if i could spark new interests. I have set a goal of five offer before Jan. I hope i can make it .Right now i have three in the works, i have completed one deal where i made a findres fee. I am looking to assign deals now. Do you have contacts in Georgia or alabama? i need to talk with someone with a lot of experienc. Some people on the system do not e-mail back. i hope to gain some more knowledge about assigning contracts? Can you assign contracts with HUD? and Bank-owned? How do they differ from the traditional way? What about working with an agent who does not want to use my contracts?i would love to be walked through each type of sale. So that my confidence will grow. Anyway, If you canhelp me or know someone who can, please let me know.

Good luck to you!


Big Dog looking for a Mentor

I have recently become involved in RE investing through DG Success Academy. It's all new to me but am willing to invest time & effort to make this work.
I live in the Tampa Bay area in Florida and there are many opportunties in the area. Just need some direction and expertise. I will be attending my first REI group this week.
If interested and have the time, please contact me.


Jim H.

Looking for networking and mentor

Hi everyone

I currently live in the Inland Empire (So. Ca.) southwest Riverside county. I am new to RE investing myself and trying to get the ball rolling. I have been to several seminars, forums and meetings. Right now I have no credit or little finances to make deals. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Dan J.

Need Mentor in VA. Beach

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I have read Deans books and still am not sure how to start investing. I keep reading on the sites also but I need a mentor. Then in a few I can mentor someone else, too.

Thank you

would very much appreciate any connection with someone in the dg family, located in or close to the san joaquin valley to synergize each others efforts and to keep focused and encouraged.


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Hi Monique:
I am new in DG family, just one week ago i bought the book and almost finished.
But needs lot of advice!!!
Hope we can team up and make some money in the process!
Or just say hi! and cheer up each other!
Or if you need help in this area, please let me know.
The best for you and your Family!

Discharge of Agreement to Purchase Statement

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Hi Monique:
Do you know where to find the form "Discharge of Agreement to Purchase Statement" it comes in in page 162 on "Profit from real estate right now"
I try to find it, but can't.
Will appreciate any help!

Mentoring Group

Hello. I'm a new investor and have been diligently indulged in the market searching for killer deals as Dean G. calls the endeavor. I certainly would appreciate forming part of your team and learning along the way. In return, I will gladly share what's working for me and what the market in South Texas is like. Like you, together we can go to greater heights!

I Need Sound Advice

I am a new student as of last week! I have a few potential deals but need help with the paperwork in terms of which ones to use. Can you help me?