Anyone in Vegas joining the Success Academy?

Just curious if anyone has yet to sign up for the Success Academy?

I'm interested in enrolling but currently don't have the full amount to finance it.

Is anyone interested in splitting the costs?

I had asked the mentors from the 3day training course they held out here in Las Vegas back in May that 2 people can attend per sign up to the Academy.

If you're interested, PM me!



Is the Success Academy right for you?

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I can't give you any positive or negative feedback here, since I personally Do Not have the funds to join myself.

From a lot of the posts that I have read, many of the successful investors swear by having a Coach / Mentor and/or joining the Success Academy. If you can find someone to go in on it with you -- more power to you. I guess that one of the main goals of having this online group would be to offer those types of networking features (that you will receive in the Academy) with other DG Family members that are making deals happen today, and would be open to offering helpful suggestions to those of us who are struggling to get our first deal in the books, without having to fork out any more money.

I am not saying that I am a cheapskate here, {I would if I could, but I can't, so I won't} it is just that living on unemployment really limits my ability to invest more money into my future that I don't currently have. Follow up with me in a month or two (after I've done a couple Assignments) and my outlook will probably be entirely different.

Thankx for jumping in and getting this group off the ground. Sorry I personally couldn't assist you, but I have faith that others will find a way of offering their assistance. -- Don't Stop At The Top

how to join

Hi, i just need know how to join the group and how much is the cost? thanks.

Dean's Academy, Discounted Membership opportunity!

I'm currently a member of Dean's Academy and have a limited time to transfer my membership at a large discount to paying full price. The entire online training course takes a few months to get through and I have until the end of the year on the online courses and the person I transfer to would be considered a new member and have access to the entire coaching program and all other resources for the life of their business.
Let me know if you're interested in a much lower cost option for the Academy, I've had success with investing from this Academy and would love to see someone else get the same enjoyment that I did.


Success Academy

Hello Scott,I'm a DG Family member and I'm interested in joining the Success Academy. I've ran into a scam a few months ago claiming they were the owners of the Success Academy trying to get me to purchase the course. However, now that I know that Dean has the Success Academy available I would love to work with him and his team to give me the success other members have had. If you have any information about the Academy it would be greatly appreciated if you could forward it to me. I look forward hearing from you and much success to you and myself.

Best Regards,
Properties Plus Investments, LLC

Need cash investors for Las Vegas NV

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Hi All,
I am looking for cash buyers. I have turnkey process in place below with 3 strategies.
The sweet spot is $100,000 homes. There is a big demand for these because they will cash flow.
Purchasing Property to Rent and Hold
The Las Vegas rental market is flourishing due to the consumer losing their homes and the only option is to rent. Rental inventory is moving quickly, vacancy is not for long on the market. This, paired with the fact that 4500 people relocate to Las Vegas each month, makes Las Vegas a great place to purchase property and hold.
There are plenty of properties currently on the market that are listed and are tenant occupied with a current long term lease in place. This is a great option for investors who desire absolute turnkey portfolio.
Purchase-Buy/Resale with Owner Financing
There is another large sector of these consumers who have managed to start over after such loss. They have saved their money in order to purchase. However, getting a mortgage in this environment will be a challenge for quite some time. The buyer needs time to deal with any issues with their credit or need the time for their foreclosure record or bankruptcy to “season” before they can obtain a loan.
This scenario can be beneficial to both the investor and the buyer. The Investor purchases a home chosen by the buyer, closes escrow and resells the home to the buyer. The resale price is generally $25,000 to $35,000 higher than the investor purchased the home or added to the current market value. The Investor will carry the note anywhere from 2-5 years, depending on the buyer’s profile. The Buyer will put a minimum of 10% down, the investor charges anywhere from 7% to 12% interest depending on the risk profile of the buyer. Buyer can refinance at anytime during the 2-5 year period.
Purchase/Buy/Resale (The Flip)
There is substantial amount of bank owned properties on the market that are sold under current market values. However, the investor needs to be prepared to have additional funds for repairs, maintenance and marketing costs. This can be from minor cosmetic to substantial improvements to the property before it can be resold.
In some cases, Investors have purchased these homes from auction at substantially low cost or in bulk and performed the repairs or remodeling to bring the home up to acceptable living conditions. They are able to resale the property below market and make a small profit on a quick turn. These investors generally have enormous financial backing and can afford the teams of renovation specialist to cure the defects before selling the home.
Private message me with your contact info if you are interested in buying or have cash buyers.

training academy

please let me know the fees included for the training and also how long it will last. I am very interested but travelling alot with my job.

I may be able to help someone out, I just need more information.

Please advise.

LooNew to L.V.

Greetings All,
My name is Justin. I am new to L.V. as well as the R.E.I. world. I have been talking with my father about getting involved here in LV. My father lives in NJ. We are looking for a cash deal to get started with. We do not have "deep pockets" so to speak. Not looking to drop a bunch in remolding costs. I figured buying a house over a condo would be a better move. Just wanted to know if anyone had any insight on that. Either way, any thoughts or any insights thrown my way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Las Vegas 3bed 2bath for sale $105,000

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Hi Justin,
How much are you looking to spend? I just listed this home yesterday. It has all the repairs done and is in move in condition. Has fridge, dish washer and stove.
This is turnkey.
This can rent for around $1050 - $1150 per month.
If you are in position to offer owner financing you can probably flip it for $118,000 and charge 8%-12%
interest for 3-5 years depending on the buyers credit.
There are many people with good jobs that had to walk out of their homes and got there credit damaged with all the bad loans out there. But they can afford the high interest payment because the purchase price is low. So they can buy for same amount rent payment would be.
Hope this helps. You can private message me if you want more info or interested in buying my home.

Properties for Sale

Rick, I saw your ad on this Blog and I'm extremely interested in the property you have available for 100k. I to reside in Las Vegas and have several Cash Buyers who I can sell these homes to and/or assign. I would appreciate it if you could get back to me so we can do business together. I look forward working with you and have a great day.

Properties Plus Investments, LLC
Lonnie Britt

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