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Hello, my name is Jonathan - from Henderson, NV.
(user name: olsonj69) Private Messages Welcome.
I have been in the real estate investing business full-time for @ 4 months now. I am currently working with 2 other Investors from the Vegas Valley, and have set up this Group to network with other LV area investors that may be in need of some place to go. I am hoping that there are others out there like me...that have questions, and others that will be open to sharing some helpful answers.
This is an excellent time and location to invest in. My hope is that, together, we can work / network / and brainstorm different ways to get the most out of this business that we can. Much Success on your Road to Financial Freedom !!!
'A Key to Success in Real Estate is Knowledge' -- Dean Graziosi

need some help

my name is shay im 29 im trying to get started investing in vegas got deans books
but have no idia where to start from

if any one need a partner for investing or can shere some tips whit me il thank him

contact me via email



So, let me try to start this group up with some questions of my own...

This is a breakdown of my current situation:

Anyone in Vegas joining the Success Academy?

Just curious if anyone has yet to sign up for the Success Academy?

I'm interested in enrolling but currently don't have the full amount to finance it.

Is anyone interested in splitting the costs?

I had asked the mentors from the 3day training course they held out here in Las Vegas back in May that 2 people can attend per sign up to the Academy.

If you're interested, PM me!



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