Arizona Laws regarding REI

Hello AHI,

I am new to REI and thought I would tap available resources to find out if any of you have come across any sticky situations (legally) with regard to real-estate investing in Arizona? It's one thing to make mistakes when starting off, but I'd like to avoid legal hassles at all cost! Thank you!

Kevin Goldman

Legal Questions

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Hi Kevin
I'm always open to adding to my team if you know someone who may be interested especially with today's economy and given the amount of effort and money our company is putting out in support of its Arizona professional network.

I realize that it may not be for you , no worries, just want to show you how else to get all your legal questions answered (unlimited), in addition to access nationwide for all your deals across the country. It also includes running your forms and contracts by them too,and a lot more. Check it all out using the available links including legal plans inside here :

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