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Kevin Alan Goldman
Tempe, Arizona
About Me: 

Born in Chicago, IL; I miss it! I have lived in the Valley-of-the-Oven-Roasted-Humans (in the summertime) since August 2001. I graduated with my Master's degree in geology last year (finally!!!)

Like so many other people, I have purchased other real-estate investing programs, but for some of the same negative-type and life reasons you all know and which I WILL NOT waste precious space writing about, I did not go anywhere with them.

Times have changed, as have I. I can feel a fire that I don't think will ever go out. I purchased the Set For Life System and plan to be a success! I spend many long nights up until 2 or 3am meeting goals and setting up. I am so enthused to start doing deals!

Please feel free to check out what I'm doing and KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE!! Thanks! Smiling

REAL ESTATE!!! A NEW LIFE!!! and of course geology, hiking, physical fitness, watching NFL games, being with friends and family, reading and relaxing in public coffee shops, traveling, (many more things, too, I'm sure), and "Sweet-Hooome, Chi-ca-g-o!"

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Real Estate Investor and Geologist
No Children
Completed Post Graduate

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it's great to have you here. you will find this site to be so full of info. there are so many helpful & successful people on here. enjoy !!!!

happy investing

thank you!

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I appreciate the welcome. There's so much here to do and see and learn from it's crazy, but sooo awesome. How long have you been involved here? What got you started with DG?


Welcome Kevin

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Welcome to the DG family! This forum is the BEST study guide you will find. How long have you been investing?

Good Luck!

Thank you!

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Hi Kelly,

I haven't tried any deals yet, but I purchased the SFL system and I am so enthused and EVERYDAY I am doing something to get myself set up. I probably still need to be a bit more organized, but I think I'm doing alright and I have confidence (along with a healthy dose of"EEEk!! Is this gonna work?") that I know I'll make it happen. I can feel it. I actually had butterflies last night, which is, well unusual, but I'm taking to be a good thing that I am this excited.

What about you Kelly? How long have you been investing? And by the way, I'm happy to network in whatever way works out for us and is beneficial! Tell me a bit about how long you have been investing and what your niche is if you have it yet.

Talk to you soon!


Howdy, neighbor :)

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Hey Kevin! I just wanted to say hi cuz I'm new to the site, and we're neighbors. Smiling I live in Mesa but am originally from Michigan. I lived in California for many years before coming here a few years ago. Got any suggestions for this area? Good luck!



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I live in Portland OR and would love to do some investing there in the Phoenix area. My dream is to live in Phoenix during the winters and Portland in the summers! I know with some real estate investing I can make this happen. Do you have a good Realtor I can work with?



Hey Kevin,

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Thanks a lot for the quick answers to questions on the forums, you're really an awesome help! I just checked the link you sent with post #67, might I say, right on the nail! That is some really valuable information, and the person being quoted is not just from Texas, but San Antonio, where I reside! Man, when you mentioned networking you weren't kidding! Again, thanks for looking out, I hope I can also help here and there.

Take care,


Thanks :)

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Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for steering me to that post. We must be on the same page lol! I just found that thread tonight Smiling


Cash Buyers Info

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Just sent this to Nelson and thought you'd like to check it out, too. Very informative!!


You're welcome

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No worries. DG Family, right? We all help just by doing what we're already doing, so thanks to you, too.

Rehabbing (Flipping) vs. Rentals Thread

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Oops again...heavy hand!

Hey Kevin

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Yeah man, it's just these passed two weeks has been nothing but work, and I've been exhausted, but Saturday I get to go on a fishing trip with my dad and I should be right back on track by Sunday Smiling
I almost feel like I've been away for longer than 2 weeks, I want to stay sharp with what I know, and keep steadily building every day.

Everything you said...

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... was exactly what I feel. I really feel I need my eggs in a row before I jump into doing anything that doesn't all make sense, and that's where they wanted me to jump in. In the middle! I tried to talk to two coaches and both of them told me the exact same thing, which left me right where I started. So, it was a no go. Anyway, onward and upward!! Smiling

Happy Birthday

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Hi Kevin,

Saw that you posted today was your birthday on Dean's Blog and wanted to wish you well.

I should have known that such a seemingly bright, articulate person as you would be a fellow Scorpio, as well. My birthday is next Sunday the 7th. ha!ha!

Anyway, hope you've had a special day and here's to a properous new year for you!!


Happy Birthday Kevin

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You're proving to be a very valuable asset here! Here's to your success!

And yes, I must be certifiably crazy doing REI, homeschooling and being a stay at home mom to 4! LOL Its a wonder I have even gotten this far. I'm right there with you on staying up until 2am! Its the only time I have w/o interruptions!

It is CERTAIN we will SUCCEED!

Happy Birthday!!

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I hope it was a great one! Smiling


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I really appreciate the birthday wishes. That was really very nice of you Smiling

I had a good day, some celebration tomorrow (and a bit last night, as you know!) I can't complain!


Happy belated birthday!

Just found out you had a birthday recently. I sent you a post on your journal site and I hope you will give it serious thought. Congratulations on your successes. Hope you achieve what it is your are aiming for.


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Kevin, I was just checking in... are you going tomorrow? Or, are you going to wait for Sat. Sun.? I'm thinking of going tomorrow but the sign-in starts at 8:15 am and it's already 1:30 am. I will make it sometime tomorrow (almost positive). Maybe I'll see you there! Smiling


Hey, you!

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Hey Kevin! How have you been? I haven't heard a peep out of you in weeks! lol Well, I've been busy, but not really posting on the website here much. I did post to my journal a few days ago. It had been 8 weeks Shocked Shocked Can you believe how time flies? Well, I wanted to ask you, how does one get onto the website? I thought I was a member but it won't accept my info. So, I tried to sign up again and it asks for a code. I guess I must have not ever signed up in the first place, because I don't remember ever having any code. Any ideas? Thanks muchly! Smiling I hope you're doing well!

Goal setting

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Hello Kevin,
It is great to hear about your goal setting and voracious reading by staying up late until 2 or 3 AM digesting the real estate informational texts.This hard work will pay off.