AWESOME ROI 4-unit w/ 2/1 home

each apartment is a 1/1.
Area rents are about $375/mon for a total of $1,500... $18,000 per year.
With everything separately metered, the only expenses coming out of that will be
taxes, insurance, grass cutting and snow removal.
I don't care who you are. That's good cash flow.

BONUS: Included with this property is a 2 bedroom/1 bath house. This should ent for $425 month
There is a past due tax bill on the property of about $5,200 that you will have to assume at the price we are asking.
The good news is that you can work out a payment plan with the County so you don't have to pay up at close.
That will free up your cash for renovation.

Where is the property located?

Stephen, where is the property located and does it need a lot of work? Does it have a CO?


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It is located in dayton, Ohio. I will reduce the price if the buyer will allow me to assign. And what in the world is a CO

Certificate of Occupancy

CO stands for Certificate of Occupancy

oops lol

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yes, but it will need rehabbed