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Stephen Farley
Dayton, Ohio
About Me: 

"If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want."Zig Ziglar.
I usually help investors free cash flow for investments. There are many ways of doing this. For more info, go to
I am the man on the ground. I develop notes for end buyers, Find investments, buyer rep., seller rep., and the list goes on. I get my investors great RIO and fast selling properties for below 65% AVR.

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I live in Dayton Ohio. I am have problem finding brokers that will work with me. If there are thos out there that understand, please help? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

tax lien certificates

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A family friend owes 24000 in back taxes, on a property that is worth about 150000. The property owner has asked for my help. My question is, since I have the property owners willingness, can I market this house to raise the money to pay the lien before the tax sale on Jan 25th.

150 List

Hello there,

I'm interest to receive your list


Hi Stephen

Which States your properties are at..




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What state are you in.

What state are you in.


Good chatting with you

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Hello Stephen,

Great speaking with you. I look forward to our next chat.

Kurt a.k.a. Vision

200 mobile parks

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i live in columbus ohio. i am very interested in the 200 mobile homes. are they still available? i have a buyer who is interested in purchasing mobile homes.
please send me a message.


33 unit deal/4 unit for 20000/

Hi steven my names Devin Young of Young Enterprises LLC and Im a new company looking for apt buildings and rental property. I love all of the deals you have and I would like to make a deal with you directly on them without a bank being involved. My emails slydev1@**** and my cells 302-377-2062.

Investment Op.

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I am direct to the property owner on multiple properties in the Ohio Miami Valley. Each of these properties have great RIO. Some need rehab. Most do not.
Example: I currently have a home on contract that will give the investor $50k profit in 90 days.

How can I buy property in Ohio

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I live in North Las Vegas, Nev
I mustbe able to evrything by telephone, email and internet.
Anyway, Please take another picture and post it. I have eye injuries and gloucoma in my left eye. Please make a bigger happier picture. You are selling yourself.
I will take another picture for my blog. I will buy all you can get on quiet terms. No banks. I also need a new home in North Las Vegas. So I must flip a lot of great deals to help others.


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Hi everyone:
I have access to more than 400 Private and Hard Money Lenders ready to fund in 5-7 days. If you can find Properties with 50% or more in equity, i can find the money for the deal. Let's say that you found a SFH for Sale Price of $100k. Repairs $20k. After Repairs Value $240k. This way we will not have to upfront money. Works with Residential, 2-4 Units and Multifamily properties. Prefered properties that needs minor cosmetics/TLC or no repairs.
If interested, PM me.