I attended an Arizona Real Estate Investors Association meeting the other day here in Tucson. It was very interesting and I am attending an Expo in Phoenix on Oct. 17th. Was wondering if any of you are members of this organization as I am probably going to join soon. Also, since I am going to be in Phoenix on Oct. 17th, I was hoping to meet with others in the DG family who are in the area if possible. Looking for all the information I can gain and looking forward to meeting someone here in AZ who is doing this program.

East Valley REI

I'm interested in joining an REI in the East Valley OR Phoenix area. Also might be interested in the Expo on the 17th. It's a new beginning for me in investing so I too want to learn as much as I can and as quickly as I can. Would also be interested in meeting with others in the DG family.

Think You Should Join

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Like I mentioned before, I am joining AZREIA very soon. The people were quite friendly and seemed like they really wanted to help. The networking part of the organization is what is drawing me into it. I moved out here to AZ several months ago and still do not know many people. This is a way to connect with like minded people and perhaps some business associates as well. Good luck with your investing and I hope to possibly meet you at the Expo on Oct. 17th.

AZ R.E.I.A. Member

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Hi, I just read your post. I live in Phoenix, AZ, I have been part of the DG family for about 6 months or so and just joined AZreia about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I have been to an all day beginners class and one monthly meeting, that was last Monday. It has been pretty informative and seems like a great networking group. However I didn't really learn anything more than Dean's book or this site had already taught me, but it was still nice to go. I still need to make my first deal!

Joining Soon

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Hey, Thanks for responding. I live in Tucson and will be joining soon. I attended that one meeting down here a week ago to see what it was like, but was wondering how beneficial it would be. After the meeting I was able to meet several people who had advice and possibly even some maintenance work on their properties for me to do. So the networking portion of it is well worth it. I am going to attend a meeting in Phoenix on the 26th and the Expo on Oct. 17th. Looking forward to it. I am always interested in talking with someone who is at the same place I am in this new adventure. Especially someone within the DG group. Maybe I will see you in Phoenix at one of the AZREIA functions.

Hey Fellow Zonians!

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Al and I have been trying to get some DGrs in Phoenix together forever! I'm in Glendale and would love to get something going, meetings, networking, partnering, whatever! Let's rock and roll people, not just talk about it. Give me a hollar on my cell phone @ 623-418-6896. Please leave a message because I can't always take calls when I'm working. But I do return calls!
Look forward to talking to you,
Elena M.

Hello Arizona here too, S. Phx actually

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Nice to meet all of you, I would Love to get together and have a meeting with other like minded people. Did I mention I would LOVE it. Here is my number 602-663-0975, my cell. I am very new to this, but I have the will and the want. So lets do this. My name is Javron.

AREIA Meeting

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Hey there fellow Arizonians! I just went to my first AZREIA meeting last week and it was really informative. I loved hearing the market statistics and I scored a free book "Rich Woman" by Kim Kiyosaki. I'm sure that I will be joining the association as soon as I can dig up some extra dough.

Arizona Real Estate

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