BULK DEAL! 38 houses @ $6500.00 each

I have come across a WOW deal!

I have a bulk deal available NOW - must be able to close in 10 days or less.

38 SFR - Kansas City, Mo $6500.00 each for a total of $247,000.00

Reply to this message with contact info.


I will not send info out to "lookers" I simly do not have time for it. When responding prepare to have this info availbe upon contact.

1. Proof of Funds Letter with contact info from lender

2. Webiste/Email or reference from previous deal
(if applicable)

3. If CASH - then contact info for bank to verify fund availablity.


Thank you

Looking for 3rd party Investor?

I have deal in the works of 25 SFR in Memphis TN. I have a signed contract from the seller for 55% LTV. (tax assessment valued @ $1.2M)All income producing properties 100% occupied with a 95% monthly rental payment income steady. I have a hard money lender approval letter for aquisition at 65% LTV. So not including securities and credits from properties I am looking at 10% cashout at closing minus closing cost and broker fees. I am looking for a $25,000 investor to help me go to close to pay for appraisels and lender fees. They will get a Rate of Return of 50% of their investment. That is a $12,500 profit in 30-40 days.

If you are interested please contact me:


God Bless,

I am also open to a serious assignment deal.


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Hello everyone I have an investment opportunity in shaker heights ohio, nice high scale home about 85 percent done I need about 15k investment to finish project. I owe 112 k on the home but the apraised value after rehab is 240k . Willing to work something out with invester please inbox me for address and info

wow talk about a killer

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wow talk about a killer deal!


Hello everyone i am new to real estate but have managed to read alot of real estate books including Dean's book.I have recently come across some really good for sale by owner deals in my area (hampton roads ,va)who are motivated seller,my only problem is i am trying to build a buyers list and i cannot seem to find buyers quick enough. CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH SOME SUGGESTIONS.THANKS.


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You say you cannot find buyers quick enough??
If you lock up a property under contract & know your numbers & what Investors paying, the buyers will show up.

REO Bulk Buyers

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Looking for a REO Bulk Buyer who is interested in San Joaquin area, Sacramento, Ca, surrounding areas. We are in direct contact with Bulk REO compiler. Contact us if you are interested or if you know someone who might be interested. Thank You.

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