Buying Up Texas

Looking for old and new members to form a team here in Texas to buy and sell houses, businesses, and land. If you want to be apart of this team please contact me ASAP! We only deal in the positive, never the negative. You have something to contribute............... Let's make it happen! Dean is AWESOME! Bruce

HELP - Any DG'er contact in Fredricksburg, TX

Reaching out to DG family members in the Fredricksburg or the vicinity of Austin. I have family possibly moving there. If you can send me to a website, or a resource for that area, it would be much appreciated.

God bless,

Need To Raise 30K in 60 Days

I've heard stories that some people in RE biz make 1 million dollars per year and even more...that's awesome!
I need to find a way to earn $30,000 within the next 60 this possible? What do you recommend besides the last two books I've read by DG?
This not only would change my life, but it would literally saved it.
Appreciate your experienced feedback,
Thank you.

dean you are rite

Dean you are rite i get frustrated because i am not producing what i fell i should but i am makeing progress.

Meeting Dean

Hello My Name Is Brent Masterson

I am sending this e-mail from Salt lake city at PMI
"Hugh Profits in real estate" Conferance

It was a group of 18 to 25 folks

I got to Meet Dean, I got to look him in his eye's and shake his hand. I got to listen to him do a presenation. Folks Dean is AMAZING

He really wants and disires to help folks make money real estate, he puts alot of his efforts towards his goal.

The conferance taught all aspects of real estate. it was incredible. these classes are being taught by very successful real estate investors.
it was so detailed. it learned so much

I put my faith in deans message, he is real, his teaching are real, he desire to teach you to make serious money in real estate is real

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