Meeting Dean

Hello My Name Is Brent Masterson

I am sending this e-mail from Salt lake city at PMI
"Hugh Profits in real estate" Conferance

It was a group of 18 to 25 folks

I got to Meet Dean, I got to look him in his eye's and shake his hand. I got to listen to him do a presenation. Folks Dean is AMAZING

He really wants and disires to help folks make money real estate, he puts alot of his efforts towards his goal.

The conferance taught all aspects of real estate. it was incredible. these classes are being taught by very successful real estate investors.
it was so detailed. it learned so much

I put my faith in deans message, he is real, his teaching are real, he desire to teach you to make serious money in real estate is real

I joined the success academy, got a great coach, i am ready

Brent Masterson

not sure, help

I'm want to develop a property and not sure if this the right club to join for the people to invest in the project. If any one can let me know so I can stay joined of remove from club. Thanks Chuck

Buying up Texas club

How's your Texas group doing?
I'm new! and eager to network!


Hi Carolyn:

We are also new and we are interested in networking
What area of Texas are you interested in?


new invester

hi i live here in mesquite tx i am very interested in buying my own home and making a lot money so let,s get to work

New to TX

Hi guys my wife and I have just recently moved to TX from Hawaii and are really looking to hit the ground running in 2012. We live in Grand Prairie and would love to network and in the future partner with other investors. feel free to message us whenever possible

TX Born and Bred

5kholdings's picture

My husband and I live in Wichita Falls, Texas. We are eager to get this ball rolling. Our primary focus right now is wholesaling and bird dogging. We are currently building our buyers list. Anybody wanting to invest in this area, let us know!

Buying Up Texas Club

We live in Duncanville, TX, & we want to network & possibly partner with other people in the DFW area. Does this group have meetings? We'd like to know of any REI clubs with meetings in the DFW area. We've been to the Boots on the Ground training, the April Buyer's Summit, & we're doing the Personal Coach training now, but want to network with local paople. Feel free to contact us.

Any DG'er contact in Fredricksburg, Texas

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Reaching out to DG family members in the Fredricksburg, TX, around the vicinity of Austin. I have family possibly moving there. if you can send me to a website or resource, it would be much appreciated.

God bless,

currently a birddogger, looking for investors

WANTED INVESTORS FOR DFW area. I have found several properties in the DFW area for the right investors. Need to know your investor needs. Have properties in the "seventh best place to live in the United States" Tell me what you need--I will find it.

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