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Check it out. Contact your list, put your thinking caps on, possibly use partnering and split it. As the sale completion is noticed, this note may be either taken down, notification of sale posted, and/or it may be replaced with yet another opportunity for birddogs as they come along.

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Real Estate Investing Northern CA.

11 Ace Ct.

Natomas, Ca. 95934

3 bedroom 2 bath

Investment needed $195K

Projected sales price $290k

3 month project from start to final sale

We pay 15% guarantee with up to 50% profit sharing.

we are looking for an investor who can invest by Wednesday Nov. 6th

I do have pictures upon request.

Location on this property is great. We already have a realtor with a buyer lined up. We usually sell our homes prior to the project being complete. Natomas is a very hot and desirable area to live in Sacramento.

Please have any investor call me, Arnold at 530-312-0088 or Mark Johnson my business partner at 650-720-1065

We have many other Real Estate investment opportunities some are Development with a potential better return on your money. All properties are under contract or already acquired.

Semper Fidelis,

Arnold Perez
Cell 530-312-0088

Beginner Real Estate Investor

What do I need to do to get money lined up to begin a free n clear home? I have many I am looking at that are great deals. What details do I need to note and what do I do next?