Detroit Area Investment Group

If you are interested in investing the Detroit Metro area which includes Distressed Rehab properties, already rehabbed properties, please lets work together. I have spent many hours doing research on the areas in Detroit and the suburbs. I have a team set up in Michigan which includes Real Estate Agent, Financing Company, Property Management Company, Title Company, Property Inspectors and Government entities that help with programs.
I know what the state of Michigan is offering and what will be happening in Michigan to boost the economy.
Lets work together and make things happen in Michigan.
Get in touch with me to discuss details.
Thanks and Good Investing

Not Quitting BUT ..Need Some Answers Plz!

Need the following questions answered if possible::

1) Has Anyone performed Assignment Contract in Southeast Michigan within the last 6 months-1 year??

2) Is it Necessary to possess or take title to a home --if you're doing assignment contracts???

3) Is there Anyone Local in Southeast Michigan who has Successfully Completed an Assignment Contract Deal in the last year or so, that is willing to tutor or shadow me, as I navigate to complete my FIRST completed deal??

4) Anyone know of any local Title Companies here in S.E. Mich. that do double closings (same day even)???

Plz reply with any or all answers ..I need as much help as i can get..I been stuck for 3 years now..Thank you in advance!

Please Help! Serious Cash Buyers Needed!!!!

I have been having a hard time finding serious buyers. Please help with tips or please sign up as a buyer on my website. Any feedback will be helpful!

Please visit my websites and sign up on my buyers list for your area of interest. Best of luck with your future goals!!!


Hello: I've joined this Detroit REI. I'm a new investor and wishing to network with others in this group. It appears that all the posts on this are old. Is this group active? and if so how do I get involved.

Holiday spirit.....

Hi everyone,

It is a day after Christmas and I thought I would drop everyone a short line of inspiration and hopefully without stepping on anyone's toes Smiling.....

As alot of you know, this year has been a hard one for me. This year has made me even stronger for the new decade to come.

I had mentioned to my Girlfriend, Christy, that I usually don't celebrate Christmas because I don't like how it has been commercialized. I went on to tell her that it seems it is more about gifts and not about the true meaning. The birth of the Christ Child.

Handyman Specials - CASH only (buy one or all) - starting at just over $3K

We have supply again (for everybody who missed it the last time around):

(Michigan) Handyman Special - CA$H only - Buy ONE or all.... (direct buyers only)

206 houses (nationwide)
package price $878K

Individual houses range in price from $3,100 (Il, MI, OH, NY state) to just under $20K.

Please, contact me as soon as possible.... they usually go FAST!

Best regards,
Conny Wolfram

connywolfram at yahoo

REO, bulk, handyman, deal, special, wholesale, cash, nationwide, cheap, MI, Michigan

Thanks for joining

Hi everyone,

I have been extremely busy with my other business and I am stuck on a Movie Shoot in California.

I wanted to take time to thank everyone for joining the Detroit Metro Investment Group. I am also pretty new to the Investment part of this, but I am taking action.

I work with a Hard Money Lender from the east coast which is setting me up with a line of credit to purchase homes for rehabbing. I am willing to share all information that I have if I am able to help someone like Dean and his team does for all of us each and every day.

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