DG Rookie / Newbie in NOC

Howdy SoCal / OC group! I'm Jake, a rookie, and working on building connections. All of this is a bit...overwhelming. I'm ~100 pages away from finishing my 2nd DG book in <2 weeks. I'm really excited to get started and start building!

I would like to start to meet all of you when the time(s) come and ask questions. But for now, I would love to be pointed in credible, investor friendly directions for mortgage brokers and title/escrow offices. I hope that isn't inappropriate to ask. If so, my apologies. I do understand the value of searching for myself; however, I also understand the value of networking. And that's all I'm really trying to accomplish at this stage.

Thank you for your replies. They are all very much appreciated!

My e-mail is patriot1775@live.com and I look forward to meeting you, working with you, and growing in RE together!



Mortgage brokers & Title Escrow Offices

Hi there Jake! Just took note of your comment today. By now, you may have taken notice of title/escrow offices in the business district of your city or nearby town. Also, you may have already consulted the Yellowpages or Donnelly Advertising. Also, you may have already wandered in to your local bank and or credit union, r.E. offices and asked them for referrals to find these place & people. If not, well, hope you find this infor helpful. One last tip, how about the local bar, business seminar, city council meeting? Go where business is conducted and you will probably run in to business people ( or at least get referrals on where to find them) Thats all I got for now. Best wishes for your success!

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