Every Year Brings New Fortune

Hello all I trust everyone has been networking and sharing their resources and most of all mentoring each other. I havnt been on the site for awhile but the family needed me and I had to put off my financial sucess for a short while. Thats ok though because as much as I wanted to be out there in the world "Full Force", building my empire,I needed to come back to whats most important to me; " My Family". Sometimes you loose site of the important things in life because you put yourself in a place where you become completely obsorbed in your career. Believe me if you didnt know it before this BUSINESS is a career. Many of you want to get started right away and start making MONEY but you fail to realize that not everyone is going to support you. Some people are afraid that your going off on another fruitless venture and still others just want to know that you havnt forgotten them. Its important to keep a balance in your life so that when your at the top celebrating your success you have someone to share it with. Be focused but flexible, create boundries and goals. Don't just work, work, work till you have nothing left to give.

Thank You Monique!

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I'm glad that your back here on this DG family site.
and thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom.
I just noticed that you are in my neck of the woods, the Inland Empire; I'm in Redlands, California. give me a shout anytime! God Bless.