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Arnold Castillo
Southern California in the Inland Empire
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I live in San Bernardino County. And I am the owner of A-1 Short Sales LLC. A Short Sale Specialist.
My goal is to pick myself up and get on solid ground so that I can overcome FEAR! And that I can Help someone else to do the same.

I love Volleyball, Basketball, gardening and enjoying time with my family. I also enjoy helping people get ahead in life.

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Have Child(ren)
Some College

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DG Family wanted in San Berardino County

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We have many foreclosures here in San Bernardino County, Southern California and I need to network with like minded investors whom I can partner with. I have been busy contacting real estate agents in my area and they are saying that short sales and REO's are the most popular here, but I'm trying to find a loophole so that I can assign these. I have read Dean's books and they have really good insight and strategies that I would like to implement them, but I wonder if they work here in Southern California. I am hoping to find a Dean Graziosi student here in my area

Hi, from Mike!

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thanks for the welcome Smiling


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Hey! No problem, just thought that it would be a nice gesture to welcome all new students to get acquainted, because you never know that maybe one day we can help each other out with support be it any answers to questions or help with any deals.

Hey Arnold

Im from Los angeles close to West LA
and USC college. I go to the glendale, canoga park, and long beach investment clubs. Check the sunday paper the usually post investment clubs meeting there and you can find Hard money Lenders

Hey Arnold

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Sorry I didn't realize you wrote on my page. Its weird that we dont get notices about it. But anyways Im from Inland Empire Temecula/Murrieta area good to nice to hear from you and how are you doing with this whole thing?


southern calia DG/Family

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Hello Arnold,Thank's for your reply here on this site.I'll be calling you about some idea's in our area plus I have some info on DVD concerning REO'S that sound's like one of the way to go here in our market.I'll be more than happy to share then.DG/Family in West Covina, Kymmith.

southern calia DG/Family

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Hello Arnold,thank's for your reply here on this site.I'll be calling you about some idea's in our area,plus I have some information on DVD concerning REO that sound's like one of the way to go here in our market.I'll be more than happy to share then.DG/Family in West Covina Kymmith.

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good luck wish u well...

Hi Arnold looking for help

Hi congratulation on your sucess I can see is working out very good for you that great keep it going.
I'm a new student of Dean academy I'm interested in assignment deals for the time being because of the fast cash that generate, my question is if you are working with a Real estate agent what will be the Percentage pay to that agent 3% 4% etc and the mount pay to the agent is it base on the total amount sold of the property or the amount that I made on the deal?
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email.


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Hi Bernie,
Sorry about this being so late to get to you, but the answer to your question is yes the agent does receive 6% on the total purchase price. that would be 3% on the buying side and 3% on the selling side. I specialize on short sales which is different because usually the agent negotiating with the bank takes part of their commission and the agent sometimes gets 2%, BUT to turn things around we as cash buyers we negotiate with the bank and we can now give the agent his full commission


Hi Arnold,

As you mentioned you are a short sale specialist, and I've visited your site.
Would you do deals in Northern Cal? (bay area)

I'm a newbie and would really like to have someone can help me and mentor me though the deals. I've been tracking REOs and also found more and more short sales on the market now these days.

What are you looking for "short sales"?
any specific detail info you need?


lets work on short sales!

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Hello Kathy, Sorry for not responding to you quickly, I have been searching for the right real estate agent to work with and have found a few to help me put in offers. We have a team who will negotiate the deals for you and if you would like to become a team member your more than welcome to join. It doesn't matter where you live in California as long as you do deals in California. There are no costs to join my team. call me for more details. (909)838-1103 Meanwhile check out our new site at

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