Ghost Ad

Posted a ghost ad on Craig's List and only got one bite. Is there a specific wording needed for this ad?

Ghost ad

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Speaking of ghost ads, no one is going to see your note and request since you are writing it within the confines of a birddog group. This way you are not addressing the whole network but only the birddog members of this group. Best to put your note elsewhere.

Another thing is to

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Post often and try different wording!

Looking 4 BirdDogs

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Try This

(Are You looking to make Money for the holiday Not your ordinary Job I have just the job for you serious money to be made.)

if you have a website add the link

See if that helps works for me like a charm

I am

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Let me know what your buyers are looking for I ha ve about six properties in my sights taht I would love to pass on to a buyer. the seventh is