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Let me Properly introduce myself I am a newbie to the real estate business was at that point 5 years ago but walked away bought the carlton sheets real estate business and never took it out the box..Now mind you that was 5 years ago so here I am again letting a friend who is a licensed realtor in Chicago talk me into coming back and trying it again So I bird dog for a few and I have walked and lived in my age of 46 no one will or ever walk in my shoes. I am here to learn to become successful in whatever I do may it be computer systems and networking or Real Estate But I will not stop until I am on that top of the mountain jumping up and down knowing I did accomplished my goal in life. I am a go getter a parent and a business minded individual I am not here to judge anyone but to know you would have to experience it to speak it. So happy hunting to all and I am willing to listen and learn. So all advice is welcomed.

God Bless You all

"Believe Faith Success"

Computers, Real Estate, Cooking, And Politics

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Hello. We are looking to team up with individuals who are trustworthy and dependable. We've been part of Dean's group since 2013 and have not made a deal yet. We are looking for any help. Please consider offering advice or even teaming up with us to make some deals. All we are looking for is someone with experience and who is interested in making deals. Thank you!