Looking for partners and/or buyers for wholesale deals

I am looking for other investors who would be willing to partner with my company in order to expand their portfolio or earn a decent return. Profit split or ROI negotiable. I have some great deals in my area(Idaho, Washington, Montana) just need some folks to pass them off to. You can connect with me via any of the methods below. I look forward to being able to do business with you.

Twitter: @lancejpalmer
Email: silverkeyid@****
Phone: 208-964-5753


Lance Palmer

partners and/or buyers for wholesale deals

Hi Lance,

I am a wholesaler, I have a Cash buyer Investor buying up in Washington.
If you are willing to co-wholesale with me we can make some things happen.

Thank You,

Use my properties to make $$$ with no money

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I have 3 properties really cheap located in Detroit, Michigan. I am the owner, need to sell them. If you have buyers or investor for my properties, you are more than welcome to sell them. Check the link to see details and pics:


The asking price is for the hole property, free and clear, no debts, includes land and building. Just add your profit to that prices, that way you can start with no money.


Detroit Houses 4 Sale

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Ernesto, plz email or call me. I see 4 properties on your Weebly site - which 3 ones are for sale? Thx.

(310) 461-9150

Wholesaler in Olympia

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Is there anyone down in the Olympia area?I am a wholesaler looking to network with other investors/wholesalers in Olympia and the surrounding areas. Thanks!

Wholesaler looking to partner with an investor

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Hi, I have great deals in my area (D.C,MD,VA)
Looking for someone to partner with and make some profit.
Contact me via e-mail Andrereese82@****

Have Guaranteed Funding! Need Serious Buyers!

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I have access to fund sf home deals in the Columbus, Atlanta, Ga. and surrounding areas. I will pay all closing costs. Just need serious cash buyers. Let me know what is your property criteria and desired area.


Hi Id like to know more about your funding, Jim

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