How do you stay motivated?

No matter our level of experience and no matter our successes, staying motivated can be challenging. How do you stay motivated?

Do you do at least one thing everyday related to real estate? That is motivating.

Do you talk with positive people? That is motivating.

Do you keep your goal in mind every day and know that you will achieve it? This may be difficult but if you do it this can be your motivating force.

So how do you stay motivated?

Dean's books on cd

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I listen to deans books on cd in the car on my way to my 40 hour a week job.My job is part of the reason Im fliping houses, I would like to some day (5 year plan) walk away from this job and never look back. I listen to chapters over and over again untill I grasp it.

His latest book is great! (your town)


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