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Brett Siekkinen
Olympia, WA
About Me: 

My name is Brett and I currently live in Olympia, WA. I have a pretty varied background (Bachelor's Degree Linguistics, remodeling, sports, world traveler/lived overseas, surfing, and the list goes on...) I am just getting started in Real Estate Investing and am ready to apply what I learn to the best of my ability! I am currently looking for deals to wholesale and pass on to other cash investors, as I am building my cash supplies to eventually become a cash buyer myself. Please contact me if anyone in the Olympia, WA area is looking for help with anything!

Keep posted to my blog as I will be updating it as I go. I am starting with no money, and no previous knowledge or experience in real estate. My story will be one of the many that show that success is possible, no matter where you're coming from. Thanks in advance for any tips, suggestions, or words of encouragement you might provide. I am truly appreciative of it all and welcome it!

Dogs, surfing, gardening, and having fun in general (I left out the obvious, "making money"!).

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Life Broker
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Welcome aboard

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Welcome you to the DG family.
Good luck.

Do it brett

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Good luck on your investing Brett,..I live in Seattle and want to do well in Washington also and want to know other wealth seekers..