Looking for R E I groups in southern california

I would like to attend a Investors meeting in so calif. Does anyone Know were to go, or who to contact ? I would love to tag along. I need to build my Buyers List.!

Same here

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I have lived in Southern California for almost 40 years, I know this area so well. let's be partner, and make it work!

Im open to that

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Im new to this ... But Very open to learning though.

So Cal too

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What are are you in? I am in Irvine area. maybe we canmeet up.

so cal

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Im in the inland empire ...Moreno Valley area i Would love to meet up .Are you looking to invest ...Or put togeather deals?

Lets network

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Lets figure somthing out , So we ca work some deals....Lorenzo

real estate clubs

Hi, Live in the norwalk-cerritos area. Do you know of any real estate clubs to join around this area. Thanks, Ginger

Southern California, Orang County investor

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Looking to network with other DG members in Southern Cal. Please write back so we can start networking.

Thanks, Jeff


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If you google "real estate investor clubs southern california" you will get a listing of were they are. There are a LOT!

I sometimes go to one in Culver City that is good. I also like it because it is free.



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Thank you karen..


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Www.socalreia.com is a good one.

I just found that tread

I would like to say Hi to all of you. I'm new as well just read a Dean's book and went true a edge
ready to roll , it will be cool to network with all of you. By the way my name is Tom . Pleasure to meet you all

southern california dg families

Hey all greetings! I am a newbie and would like to see if there are people meeting on a regular basis in southern california, especially in Los Angeles. I would love to meet and learn from these folk. Please, please respond to my inquiry. Thanks

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