Marylands Eastern Shore REI

I am a new investor on the Easten Shore. I just bought Deans new book and read it from cover to cover as soon as i got it. Now am about to start reading Be a Real Estate Millionaire. Looking to establish with anyone in the area to network and share informaion.
I am extremely determined to change my lifestyle and cant wait to get going.

Buyers list

Does any one knows a website that I can go to to find buyers for realestate.

my fist deal

hello, every one i have found a nice home that is being sold by the owner,his asking price is 269.900,i ve made my calculations,i am going to offer 183.930 the house if free and clear and he does'nt want to involve a real estate agent if my offer is accepted can some one please tell me what paper work i need,i am also going to find a buyer.

1st deal and iam so nerves help please

Bird Dogging

If there are any Investors in the Delaware Maryland area that pay Bird Dogging/Finders fees please contact me. There are multiple foreclosures in my area and many of them require little to no work. I do not do Third-Party deals; anything I find for you must be closed by you.

Please include which types of properties you would like me to look for and all other requirements for the house(s). I have the ability to travel to Delaware and all of the Maryland shore.

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