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well i am 51 years old next month September 8th i will be 52 wow does the years go by fast my hold life i work so hard and have not went no were this year will be the year i work at wal-mart for 3 years part time and struggling i have 4 kids 2 grown kids and 2 teens in high school and 5 grand children right now im renting a house for huge amount of money and that is going to end trying to buy a home through this nonprofit organization and the are putting me through the ringer so that it not going to depend on any one else i,m going to do it myself with gods help and dean i did no finish school my first husband made me quite school cant really get a good job because every one wants you to have a deploma or ged and i just could find the time to go back to school so i was stuck with what ever job i could find so i am a cashier i stand all day i am in pain with my back don,t know just how much i can take i knew that there was something better and now i have found it and i am going to make this work.i promise my kids that i would and i will thanks.

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wal-mart cashier
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Welcome to!! Hope all your real estate goals come what your goals are and keep accountable by starting a journal.
success to you!!

profit from real estate now

hello jay just here to say thanks i am really going to try to give this my all because right about now i need something good in my life right now times are hard right now thanks mary


well today is the 9th of august 2011 yesterday i got my book order i bought think a little different and the books profit from real estate right now and your town your real estate wow it seems to be a little over whelming right now don,t quite know which one to start with first i know just a little at a time but just start right so that is what i,m going to do i,m still trying to catch up on dean,s replays from last week trying to work and still take care of the kids and the house work his replays are so good it keeps me so motivating i want to watch them all well any it is 7am august 9th getting ready to read my books wish me luck.thanks to all that is listening