Millionaire By 30

We all have to have a goal and here's mine. This group is for anyone who wants to share in this journey whether you're a newbie or a seasoned investor! I was once told the quickest way to your goals is to help someone else reach theirs.
It doesn't matter where you're at but where your going! Whether your in debt or halfway to your dreams we can all help eachother become true champions by building strong relationships!

Attention Real Estate Investors

If you are looking for leads in the saint louis area or southern illinois pm me I can find you great deals for a small fee.

3 stages of a millionaire!

1st stage: Asset millionaire! Owning a million dollars in property! Like Robert Kyioskai says "There's good debt and there's bad debt" lol

2nd stage: Equity millionaire! Being able to liquidate your assets and having a million dollors! Now that must be a good feeling!

3rd stage: Fun millionaire! Dean says it best! Being Set For Life!!

My 1st goal is stage 1 in the next 18 months
stage 2 by age 24

stage 3 by age 27

Time To Start Making Things Happen!!!!

Looking for an investor-friendly realtor

I am looking for a realtor who is also a broker, who would be willing to help me out with some short sales that I need for one of my investors.


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