Attention Real Estate Investors

If you are looking for leads in the saint louis area or southern illinois pm me I can find you great deals for a small fee.


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If you need help getting started message me. I am looking to network and get some deals flowing. Jason

Hi Jason

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Hi Jason My name is Erik! Please add me too your network

Need bird dogger for Vegas

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Hi Jason,
Do you have any buyers looking for Vegas? I can buy and reahb for them. Get it in rentable condition.

Central Florida Need Cash Buyers

Looking for cash buyers that would like to purchase properties in Central Florida... The market is starting to rise here and houses are flying off the market. We can help you locate a great deal!!!

Look in California

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Looking for people in California, that is doing it, and willing to help out.

pm me

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Rick, PM me your email address for a small fee I will help you send leads your way best. Jason

I only pay if lead buys

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I only pay if lead buys.

Bird dog in PA

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Looking for Cash Investors interested in property at great deals in the areas of The Pocono Mountains in Pa.

Glad to see St. Louis Visible On the site

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Its good to see that someone is stirring up some action for St.Louis and surrounding areas. We're sitting on a gold mine and just need more buyers who wanna benefit from it. I have a couple of awesome properties without Buyers.

Cash buyers

I would invest in St. Louis, but I have not been able to locate cash buyers.


Washington State Properties

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The Great State of Washington. Send your fast cash buyers to me. Send me a private message

way more houses than buyers

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I have had the problem of finding buyers.
There are way more excellent buys than there are buyers.
I am doing all the works but not getting buyers at all.

condos for sale in centeral florida Cash buyers only

MUST SELL 35 condos 1/1 ,2/2, and 3/2 for sale starting at 60k-79k with tenant in place

con dos

please send info on condos thanks.


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Need more info about condos, location, time in the market etc. Thanks

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I have multiple condos and single family homes in Marco Island, Naples, Fort Myers and Sanibel Island...Florida. I have 1/1, 2/1 and 3/2...Looking for cash buyers. Guarentee closing in under 30 days.

I am looking for an agent in

I am looking for an agent in Maryville, TN, NY, Alanta, and Georgia. I have a couple of cash buyers looking for great deals in these areas. If anyone knows of a great deal or real estate agent I can hook up with, please PM me with information.



St. Louis County Area

I am looking for properties. I also have 2 homes for sale at this time. (rehabbed)

RB Gannon

Wholesale or Bird Dog in North Central florida

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Looking for Cash Investors interested in single family homes at great prices in the Florida areas of Ocala and Gainesville. Please PM me if you can help.

Looking for Cash Buyers

In the St. Louis County area have several properties needing cash buyers for sf homes. If anyone can help please let me know. Thank you in advance.

Looking for Cash Buyers

In the St. Louis County area have several properties needing cash buyers for sf homes. If anyone can help please let me know. Thank you in advance.

I have a cash buyer now

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I'm looking for anything in the Greater Philadelphia/Camden County/Gloucester County/Burlington County area that needs work (no rehab too great or small). For a full rehab (and depending on the price range) I need approximately a $100K difference between ARV and purchase price. I'm paying cash and am in need of viable projects at this time...I can even buy multiples at a time.

Las Vegas

Send me information on properties for sale in Las Vegas. I have a buyer.

Kansas City, Missouri

I have a property under contract in KC, Mo and I live in Calif. I was wandering if anyone living in KC could look at property and evaluate the condition and maybe a picture or 2. Thank You

KC property

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My name is Brent and I live in St. Louis, but I have a handful of family member that live in KC and would be willing to make the trip. Please return my email if you still need someone to look ast the property

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Looking for solid cash buyers in or wanting to invest in the Ohio area. We have excellent buy & hold properties and superb buy & flip properties. Willing to pay finder fees for buyers that are brought to the table & buy.