Mobile Home Flipping

To often people get caught up in what is a sexy world of real estate flipping. Fact is, there is more opportunity in Mobile Home Flipping than any other Market Today!!
Please share your Mobile Home Stories, and I will share my advice and personal experiences!! Hope to hear from you all soon!!

Working on two mobile home flips

Let's get this group rolling! I've bought two mobile homes in the past month. The second one I bought right: offered $4,570 against a list price of $18,500. We settled at $6,125 or $3.44 per square foot!

My first MH is being worked on by the contractor. The second closes on November 1st and he'll switch right over to it. The next thing I have to prove to myself: will they sell and for how much?

I learned the business from this guy, who is local to me (Seattle area):

He's flipped 113 mobile homes over 4 years. He says there are hardly any investors active in this space. My inspector confirms the same thing - he's never inspected a mobile home for an investor.

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