I have been able to find many possible deal here in fresno but my difficulty is in finding investors who are willing to buy if not see potential investments. If anyone has ideas or past experience please share it here!!

God Bless

Central Valley investing

I too am interested in investing in California Central Valley areas. My interest are further north in the Manteca, Lathrop, Salida and Modesto areas. I have ordered but not received Dean's book Profit From Real Estate Now. Consequently I don't have any strategies todate. I am however very motivatated and enthusiatic about getting started. I would love to begin or join a network in preparation for successful investing in the near future.


Central Valley

dar4him's picture

I am also interested in Modesto, Salida, Riverbank - primarily Modesto for now, but open to other options. I have read Dean's Be A Real Estate Millionaire book, still looking to complete my first deal. I am motivated and enthusiastic about making this happen sooner than later !

Central Valley

I am also interested as I have a home ready to sell in Merced, a hard hit area. But I do see some growth along 132 and 99....this will be I believe an area of growth that will take off.
But as we know not many people believe that.

Would like to connect with others regarding the Central Valley.


Central Valley

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Hi, I live in the valley and would like to work with you I need investors for assignee contracts the deals are here. Suggestions?

Central Valley - Merced

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I am real interested in becoming a REI. I'm almost done with the book, but am a little scared on how to get started. Anyone in the Central Valley particularly Merced who can share or help mentor a beginner.


Central Valley

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Stockton is the place to be need buyers. I have the deals. Where are the buyers?

Thanks for any help


me to

im in hanford iv got it stated but i need to network with some here. im motivated and want to get this thing on the move....

In Elk Grove

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Hi all, I live in Elk Grove (about 15 min south of Sacramento) and am new to investing. Looking for people in the area to network with.

Hey there Greg

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How have things been coming along for you with the investing? I'm Joe and I also live in Elk Grove by Sheldon High. I have had Deans book for some time and have read throuhg it but like most, a little scared and don't really know what my next step should be. Any advice?

Central Valley - Modesto

Hi everyone,

Just starting out as well but very excited about making a purchase happen before Christmas. I would love to join a REI Club locally and am open to any ideas you all might have! Thanks


Merced Central Valley

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Hey for all you Mercedians I am new at this too and have just finished the books. Today i went with a realtor and look at some properties and he was really nice about me being an investors so he is going to creat a list for me and probably go from there. Anyone in MERCED(VIVIAN) wants to meet and talk ideas please write me. I think that the more people encouraging eachother than we would accomplish our goal faster. Thanks for your time. Chan

Also new in Merced

Vivian and Chan and anyone else in Merced/Mariposa area...I have done a few deals in Merced, mostly through a realtor. I am now ready to move a lot faster with like minded folks after reading some journals on the DG website. Email me to get in touch. I see some of these messages are two years old. jweaser

any investor

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Any investors out there in Merced, just wondering. Maybe we could exchange ideas??

Not Messing Around

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Hey all,

My business partner and I just joined the Acadamy and are moving forward to secure deals. I know many of you have probably done well with this and many have tossed the idea in the corner. Let's make this happen!

Let me know if you have completed an assignment or purchased a home; I would love it if we could all get together for an hour and get some ideas flowing. Support + Action

Anyone in?


REI Club

Hi friends: My husband and I live in Stockton and as you know one of the foreclosure capitals. I have read two of Dean's books from cover to cover and then some. I research the newspaper for foreclosures and drive around looking at them. Have thought about purchasing homes and renting them out until the market goes up. Trouble is most of these homes are fixers and due to (husband's) medical reasons we would have to hire out. Prefer to buy homes that could be moved into right away. I have already passed up one or two in my neighborhood due to fear of taking that first plunge. I need encouragement. Also have not joined Dean's success academy because again due to the medical reasons cannot spend the time on making those first 5 deals happen quickly. I like the idea of "Locking up on contract" but wonder why most folks wouldn't just call a realtor if they are interested in finding a home. Thanks for listening. Blessings 2 U all. Kathy and Ernie

networking group

awfox's picture

I live in Lodi and and am looking for others to network with. Leave a message or email me ; afox608@**** We, together can make it happen for all!
Thanks, Tony

Hello Greg, Jshear and All

mdagrace's picture

I live in Sacramento CA, and I'm looking for other to network with. We have many opportunities available to us. Let's communicate and make this work of all of us. I can reached on yahoo at mdagrace @ yahoo . com or leave a message.

Thanks, Michael

Helllo Sac & Surrounding Areas

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I'm still looking for others in the Sacramento area to network with regarding this wonderful information. Please reply back and let's get together.


REI Clubs in Fresno/Clovis Ca. area

Hi My wife and I Live in the Fresno/Clovis area.We are just finishing Dean's 3rd book.We were thinking about Bird Dogging to get started.I just wanted to know if there was anybody in this area that was doing this. Or any REI Clubs in the area.

Thank you
God Bless

REI Clubs in Central Valley

Hi There,

We are just getting into investing in the Central Valley. We live in Chowchilla. We are finding the hardest part is getting investors. Have any advise in this area?



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I'am just geting started to and I have the same problem, sorry?

chowchilla investors

Were in Chowchilla also. Would you like to start a REI type club?

REI Clubs in Fresno/Clovis area

There is a club currently meeting in Fresno at Chicago Title, 7330 N Palm (in the lunchroom) 2nd Weds at noon of every month. Will soon be moving to evenings or whatever the group wants (with new leadership). I've been learning a lot from the meetings' speakers (elder attorney, new lead based paint requirements, contract attorney) and the networking is priceless. Need to allow about 2 hours to take it all in but some people leave whenever they need to. They collect $5 each to pay for the room.

REI clubs in Fresno


I am really interested with the REI club, is there a contact phone number I can get more information? Please... message me, I am really excited.

Hi Dave

centralcalinvestor's picture

Hi Dave,

I live in the Fresno/Clovis area as well. I'm currently looking for an REI Club too.


I live in lindsay ca

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this town is growing and visalia,tulare,and fresno are close buy, but i need help just geting sarted.

Are you having trouble finding investors??

If you have a good deal and no investor let me know

Just so you know a good deal is defined like this:

Comp value minus 20-30% minus fix up costs is a deal with a high percentage that I would become involved in.

The listing price is not necessarily a comp value. A lot of realtors will do drive by estimates. Comp values tell you the real truth.

Bring me your deals and let's make some money.

I agree

centralcalinvestor's picture

I agree.

Find a deal that is close to 30% to the ARV or more. From what I understand, most buyers are looking to buy at 70% ARV. Get comps on properties with similar characteristics (yr, sq ft, etc.) sold within last 3-6 months and within half a mile of your deal if possible.

So, say you have done this and found a distressed property worth $100K after rehab. You've obtained three contractor's estimates on rehab costs and see that they are all estimating it to be around $15,000 to completely fix the place up. (I say 3 estimates because if you only get one estimate and that contractor is way off on his calculations, you are going to have one angry buyer and your credibility and potential for future deals with that buyer will be ruined). Give your buyer an awesome deal and he'll want to work with you again. Anyway, let's also assume that closing costs = $1,200 and holding costs = $1,000. You want to make $5,000 on the wholesale assignment. Assuming your buyer will do the deal at 70% ARV, the most they would be willing to pay is $70,000 after all costs and fees.

Your offer to the seller would be calculated as:
$70,000 Buyer's Purchase Price
- 15,000 Rehab
- 1,200 Closing Costs
- 1,000 Holding Costs
- 5,000 Your Wholesale Fee
= $47,800 Your Offer

If your buyer pays $70,000 and he rehabs the property and later sells the property for $95,000(net of closing costs), his profit is $25,000 and his ROI (cash on cash return) is 35.7%.

This is the basic methodology behind the wholesale deal as I understand it. I am by no means an expert at this so if anyone has any more to add please feel free.


looing for joint ventrue

still looking for joint ventrue partner for handford ca on new construction deals custom homes only ones like them in handford ca complete lots . Building value on every sell that we have had and if you have any end buyers let us know we will be glad to network on these kinds of thing thank you for your time

New To DG in Stockton

Hi. I am new to DG and I am currently reading the books trying to get up to speed. I would love to hear some local success stories and can possibly give me some advise and encouragement when the time comes. My name is Jon, I am married and I work and live in Stockton.

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