For Sale - 135 Nationwide SFR REO Tape


I’m direct to a Private Seller of a 135 (Nationwide) SFR REO Tape. Let me know if you have any interest.

- BPO $8.8M, selling for .52 cents on the dollar = $4,576,000 + 3%


David Thillman

Bulk REO and Notes Tape
Cell Phone: 714-650-0058
MyFax: 888-469-5013
Anaheim, CA. 92801

REO deals

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Do you have anything in Southern California?

Do you have anything in Southern California?

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YES! Send me a PM (private message)

Funding For My Fellow Investors!

Hi, this is George a fellow student.
Funding can be one of the most important hurdles to get over.
I am now offering funding solutions to those of you who are interested in this method.
If interested contact me through the private messenger system of this website.


100% financing + closing costs + repair funds all rolled into the loan!

Hard Money/Bridge Loan Acquisition & Rehab
No Money Down Program
This Hard Money/Bridge Acquisition & Rehab loan is for individuals and
businesses with credit scores of 680 or higher. The loan closes in 2
to 4 weeks depending mainly on the speed at which borrower responds to
documentation requests. This loan requires minimal documentation from
the borrower.
Most of the fees involved in this loan are rolled into the loan with
the exception of the Broker Fee, this fee is paid with the application
and is refundable should the loan not close. When the Letter of Intent
is issued it will detail all the terms of the loan and include the
closing date. Meet the conditions and the loan closes shortly after.
Area of Lending: California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
West Virginia, Texas & Wisconsin.
If you need funding in another state. Let me know and I will check into it.
Property Types: 1 to 4 Units
Co-Borrowers: Accepted, Non-familial O.K.
Closing Time: 2 Weeks or Less
Source of Down Payment: 60 Days Seasoned
Term: 9 Months
Rate: 9.5%
Reserves: 10% of loan amount
Pre-Payment Penalty: None
Lender Points: 5 to 8
Total LTV: up to 100%
Total ARV: up to 75%
Loan Minimum: $25,000 to $500,000
Credit Score: 680 (Lower Scores Considered)
Document Type: Light Documentation
Title Vesting: Personal or Corporate
Credit Reporting: Defaulted Accounts Only Reported
LTV Includes: Purchase Price, Closing Costs, Repairs
Broker fee: $1,000 (Refundable)

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