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MasterMind group leader seeks "co-conspirators" to help plan and lead group in weekly RE conference calls. Smiling

For those MasterMind group members who were not able to be on last Friday's group call, I hope you'll be able to be on the next one because it was a good call with information being exchanged and networking going on. The consensus seems to be that people would like to have a weekly group call. Now of course not everyone will able to be on every call, though if you can that is great! By having it weekly, it would allow us to have an outlet when we need a live "boost" or have questions or items we'd like to bounce off others and get immediate feedback.

With a weekly call in mind, I would like to know if there is anyone in the group who would like to work with me as a co-group leader? It would be helpful to us all if I had 1-2 people who would work with me to help plan & lead the calls. If anyone is interested, please private message me on this website.

For now, we would still use the same call in number & access code that I had sent to you all previously -- a message that was sent to your personal email accounts. Unfortunately, while it's a free conference call service for us to use, that does not mean it's a free call for you to make. I apologize that at this time I don't see another way around that and hope that most of you have free long distance on your home or cell phone. For those of you that don't have free long distance, if you have any suggestions on other ways we can all be supportive of you in this group please let me know as you are important members. One thing I'd like to see happen are some regional gatherings of this group, as we do seem to be split into just a few regions where people could network with those in their areas.

Please either write your suggestions & comments to this post where others will see it or private message me.

Thanks to you all!

Here's to your successes!

Is your REI Club meeting anywhere

Hi Nancy,
I just started with DG's program & am working toward my first deal. Yeah, I'm a newbie. I am living in the Hartland, WI area, which is about an hour from Kenosha. Actually, I used to live in Kenosha for a long time, and I know that area very well. Do you have a REI Club started, and are you getting together for meetings anywhere yet? If so, where? I'd love to meet some more investors.


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Hi Greg!

I'm just back from my Thanksgiving vacation and saw your post. Our REI club isn't meeting in person yet; originally it began with the hopes of meeting in person once a month but everyone who wanted to join were from 2 or more hours away from the Kenosha/Racine area. So in October we had a conference call that went well; however, November has been difficult to get things started with much happening with my schedule. I'm working on implementing weekly calls by the beginning of the year as that was something many of the people in the group wanted to see happen.

However, with all of that said, it seems we now have a handful of people in the Kenosha/Racine/Lake Geneva area so I think setting up an informal meeting would be a good thing to do. I'll work on that and let you know when it happens. And if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

And, welcome to the group!

All the best,

I'm Interested In meeting you all !

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I have lived in racine all me life and work in kenosha, I'm always looking for next deal, if your in the racine area put me on your buyers list. I'm looking for fix and flip/foreclosure or all around money makers
make yourslef some money finding me a local opportunity.(No money out of your pocket)

never done a deal?
Lets do it!

Pastor Joe 262-939-2946

newbie, looking for mentor/partner

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Pastor Joe, Hello my name is Jeremy and Im new to the program. I must say that ever since I seen Deans program on tv I have had a whole new desire. I have always had an interest in real estate but, always thought I needed a college degree. None the less, my whole way of thinking has changed. I read a posting that you had applied a while back. I was just wondering if your still interested in looking for rehab propertys? If so, does it have to be in the Racine area? If not, could you let me know what type of property your looking for. I think we could help each other out. Please feel free to contact me..Jeremy

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