Seeking go-getter bird dogs in Indianapolis, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Fresno, Atlanta, Miami, & Phoenix

My partner and I are seeking bird dogs for the cities listed above. We've created a program that has been in effect for over a year and are looking to expand. Please inbox me your phone number or spell out email address and I will send you a packet that explains it all. Not full time employment, pay varies and is per closed deal.

properties in Bakersfield California

I would like to know if you're still looking for properties in my area?
I would also like to know if you could send me some information on your expectations and qualifications for a bird dog ( property scout )

Thank you

Home locater in Phoenix, Arizona

Hello, I just read your ad in search of birddogs and/or home locater. I use to live in Phoenix, Arizona but have moved back to New Mexico. However, I still have some connections in Phoenix area and could possibly be help to you and your partner. Just need to know exactly what you are looking for, etc.
Thank you, Evangeline