I'd like to start a group of anyone interested in real estate in the South Florida area, that includes buyers, sellers and investors. We can build our buyers list here within each other as well as build our network overall.

FYI - Due your due diligence with Whitaker Consultants, Ga. on bulk purchase!

Hello Fellow DG Family members,

BE VERY CAREFUL! Quite by accident a few days ago while looking at classified ads posted on the DG site, I came accross Whitaker Consultants of Atlanta, Ga. for bulk purchases.

I was contacted by a Ms.Furnika Dirton and Quan Whitaker, Pres. & CEO. There is another person associated with this group who also posts on DG classified under "Bordeau_1".

Bottom line is that someone else had made a post advising extreme caution when dealing with this group. Be VERY CAREFUL ... TRUST BUT VERIFY; enough said.

Good luck and have an amazing day everyone!



LLC's, taxes, penalties and George Carlin!

Hello fellow DG family members,

FYI. I just discovered this past Friday that I forgot to pay my annual filing fees of $138.75 to the state of Florida for my LLC which was created on 9/30/09. Obviously my bad that I thought they were due on the anniversary of the formation of my LLC!

Low and behold I further was informed that I owed an additional $400.00 for not filing in May which is when ALL filing fees are due regardless of when a corporation or LLC was formed in this state! further more, unless I pay the Sherriff of Notingham Forrest by the last Friday of this month, my LLC will be disolved by the state!

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