The idea is to network. The more contacts we meet in our area the better off we are. So let's get to know each other by motivating and keeping each other inspired. We can learn together, and from each other by sharing our experiences. The more experienced can obviously teach and help guild the less experienced. The less experienced can bird dog etc for the more experienced.
The only limits this group has is what we give it, in other words only we can hold ourselves back.
"How can we help each other?"

Meeting Sat March 27th 5pm

We have a private room reserved for Sat March 27th at Frank's Restaurant. All are welcome. There is no cost or fee for the meeting.
Frank's is a southern country home cooking place. A normal meal for one, including a drink will cost about $10(hamburger is abour $6). Thier potatoe salad and pie is famous. That's about the extent of the info. I could find without eating there. I plan to do just that, eat there, as soon as I can. Just reading about the place made me hungry. If you want more info. then do a search for Frank's restaurant Schulenburg.

Frank's Restaurant
11 N Kessler Ave
Schulenburg, TX
It's on the SW corner of 77 and 10.

I invited a RE agent and a RE attourney, so far. Who have you invited?


update input needed

Joe, tell us about lease options in Texas.
Might there be a way we can do sandwich leases within the law? Anyone else have any ideas and/or info?

We need to chat. First of all, I can help you with buyers. Secondly, I have an idea I would like to pursue that is all about mobile homes. I also know someone with many years investing in mobile homes. I plan to gain a whole mess of knowledge and also possible get them involved in this idea I have.

Joe aka West and I are planing on meeting in March in Austin. It's probably going to be a weekend and about the third week(Sat the 20th maybe). Once we have a specific time, place, and date we will post it here. All are welcome to join us.

I would like to plan a group meet and greet for all of us on Sat March 27th.

Mastermind" principle

"Surround yourself with people who are succeeding at what you want to do and learn the ropes from them.

It's called the 'Mastermind' principle and it is based on a proven concept that when the energy of two or more like-minded people is combined, the results for each is many, many times greater than what they would achieve individually.

That is really just a complicated way of saying that when you surround yourself with successful people, and learn from them directly, the tendency is that YOU improve and reach success far faster than if you try to do it all 'on your own'. "

How to....

If you want to join this group click on the following link and then click join on that page which is to the right of the group name.

Note: You have to be a group member to make a new post to the group.


Hello I'm Scott. As we get members we can schedule a REI meeting. I currently live in Waco, but will be moving to Victoria in March. I specialize in short sales, and help real estate agents with the entire short sale process.
I created this group so we can start networking and building a membership.
Please, post a basic introduction stating what town or area you live in, any idea for this group, and invite others to join us.

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