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Scott Hignight
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I'm 39, served the Army for 16 years, got out early and have been trying to figure what to do with my life for the past 5 years. I have a rather long history of dreaming of being financially comfortable as a property owner/manager where I would be a position where I could help people. Yes, that would be dreaming with no action, no confidence, and no belief. Actually no belief which created the no cofidence and then the no action.
I have been poor all my life and I am ok with that, money isn't everything. I have always wanted more out of life and I know I am smart enough to be successful at whatever I do. I should be anyway based on the saying that you learn from your mistakes. I should be an expert at a lot of things by now.
I currently live in Waco, Tx. I will be moving to Victoria, Tx soon. March(2010) is my goal month to move. I'm broke, of course, but I have a strong back and I am a hard worker. I am hungry for a better life and that hunger motivates and inspires me to go the distance.
2010 is MY year. 2011 though 2014 are mine also. I own and cherish BARM. I read it once though and am starting on a second time now. I planned it that way. The first reading was just that reading only with no action. A few things about that book: One I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would enjoy reading a book about real estate so much. Yes, I know that is an unfair statement about the book. It is so much more than just a book about real estate. I am not really sure how Dean did it since we have never met before, but I know he wrote Barm with me in mind. He knows me really well for never having met. The book was obviously written for me, to me, and about me. Dean, if you ever read this well nevermind I'll tell you in person once I joined the inner circle. I am doing a bit more than reading it this time. I am highlighting and taking notes, doing all the things that are suggested like writing down goals etc. Studying it like my life depends on it. My new life does actually depend on it doesn't it?
When I started this 'About Me" I did not intend it to turn into a jornal. That's next.

Fishing, gaming, financial independance, helping others

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construction, REI student
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central south Texas

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I will be moving to Victoria, Tx in a few months. I would like to join a REI group or start one for that area. We may not have anyone in that general area and I may be the first. If that is the case just give me a little time I will add more. I plan on getting all kinds of help in reaching my REI goals. Victoria is about an hour east of Corpis Christi and about the same west from Houston, Tx. So how about a south central Texas group, the more the better. Pm me with any REI group info or if interested in starting a SCT(south central Texas)group.
I did see there that there may be one in Houston. If I can get in touch I hope to visit with them once I move.


-One Step closer

rehab experience

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DG Family,
I have been in construction since I got out of the Army, a little over five years now. I have experience with everything from complete remodels to new builds. I am more than willing to help anyone If you have questions or problems. If I dont know I can find out. I still have contact with all sorts of subcontractors, builders, etc.
I don't know a lot about REI yet but I am learning as quick as I can for myself but also because I really like helping others. Any time I needed help in my life there has always been someone there for me, so I give back at any chance I get. This could be a way I can help others now with rehab info. All the help I am getting from my REI family motivates me even more to do what I can.

Pm me and we can go from there(telephone call or whatever works).


-One Step closer

New REI group for Texas

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Specifically for South Central Texas, for poeple in the area from Corpis Christi to Houston, but all are welcome!

The link is listed above: sites I visit #2


I never saw that, thanks for

I never saw that, thanks for the profile info! Im bout a hr from CC there is a REI group there i sent them a email but still no reply, they meet once a month on the last wed of the month. Look foward to hearing from ya.


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I changed the link in my profile to goto the page that gives you the option to join the group. If you would to check out the group first right click on the name SouthCentralTexas and open in new tab or in new window. That ways it's easy to go back to the join page to join.



Scott; the name caught my attention first. If you liked BARM book, you won't be able to put down Dean's "Profit From Real Estate Now". I went through it twice and am halfway through it the 3rd time now making a list of things I marked to do so I "DO THEM". I think I highlighted most of the book and underlined the rest. I am just getting rolling. I signed up for coaching to ensure I do all correct and get started as quickly as possible. I sent off for my LLC license in the state of Oklahoma and got it back approved yesterday! I plan on putting my first adds for motivated sellers and buyers in our local papers here tomorrow. Great start for the new year. Glad to see another Scott striving for success also. I've noticed you were signed in a lot lately also. Best wishes. Layman T. Scott scottrealtydeals@****


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hi my name is Dru and im just browsing here trying to meet some one that knows bout this site and im from texas too.I live in killeen near the ft hood.

Jan 22, 2010

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Laymen, I luv Barm and I am waiting for 'Your town" now. Expect and hope for it to arrive today.
Reading Barm the second time is like reading a whole new book. I am getting a lot more out of it this time around. It seems to somehow make more sence. I imagine that is because I have learned a bunch since reading it the first time.
I am also joining the success academy. I had originally planned to do so at the begginning of Feb but I may wait a few weeks longer because I want to focus on my new area after I move which will be in March.
Yes, I am signed in quiet a bit to our family. I am addicted and don't want to miss anything. It is a little less now since my holiday vacation is over and I have to work again, but I am still here daily.

Laymen, the way you turned around the semi hug to your advantage makes my obstacles seem tiny and you motivate me. Thank you for you.



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Dru, I anwsered on your profile page.

Hey Scott,

I am trying to figure out (from your account page) if you have a journal.

Your thread today "what do you want" (proposing to your girlfriend etc., Shhh) seemed very much like a journal but was not.

We seem to be posting in the same threads so I am just jumping in here to say Hey, Welcome and Good Luck with your new RE career! Smiling



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Yes, I do have a journal.

I will otherwise answer your post on your profile page.


Rio Grande Valley

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Scott, I live down here in the Rio Grande Valley and like you, just starting out. Deans book is very helpful in making my decision to move forward in this venture. We need to work and learn together.



Thanks for the message on my account page, made me smile! Smiling

I look forward to reading your journal, no time to do that tonight but thanks for the link to it.

Your #1 Stalker!


Guten abend. Thanks for the German help. Keep at it. Just thought I would check in and say hi.

One Conition Mr Scott...

Smiling Thanks for the message, I will be around more but you just gotta stop calling me stalker!


Yes Maam

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No more stalker jokes. No worries I'll think of something better.....Eye-wink

Forclosure Book Sent....

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Hi Scott...
I just sent you the copy of the book at your email from
Hope you find it helpfull...
Take care!

austin, tx

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Hello, Scott
I am investing for the first time in a long time. What I mean is that I use to invest back north 15 year ago and for some reason it was just a hobbie. Now I am going to invest full time. I am just getting started but that want be for long. Thank for the PM. ED

Hey Scott,

Well now, it seems as though you have just disappeared altogether! Or am I just missing your posts?

Hope all is well!


Dear Student Scott, Thanks

Dear Student Scott,

Thanks for your response to my post, and I enjoyed reading about your dreams and goals.

What do you see yourself doing in Victoria? That word means Victory in Spanish, and I believe it's also part of your destiny to have one victory after another.

For they're well deserved for all those of nobel hearts.

If you ever visit Austin feel free to give me a call at 425-0772 Namaste!

I just joined your REI Group

I am in Coastal Bend area.
Want to get together with the whole group to discuss DG REI program. I just joined midish April 2010.

Hope the move went great

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Hi Scott, I have been learning how this message work. But I just wanted to say I think you may be moving to a location that has many opportunity for subject to deal or assignment contracts. Let me know if you have question. I am happy to answer any questions that I may be able to answer. Good Luck. matlock

Austin TX

Hi Scott

I was wondering if you know anybody in the austin area?