Staring out is the toughest part

Hi all I just wanted to open the group with my past experience. When I started out investing like most beginners I wanted to learn all about real estate investing. I was paying tons of money to Guru sites,reading as many books that I could,chasing e-mail offers,and I got so overwhelmed that I wanted to give up.Reason being is I didn't think I had learned enough. This a very rewarding buisness once you get over the hump of closing that first deal! I guess what I am trying to say is don't get yourself overwhelmed with all phases of investing. Just find that one niche that you enjoy doing. Then master it !! As you get more experienced at investing then move toward expanding your knowledge.

Getting Startedet

Action, action, action. I am just getting started. I am getting the education and converting it to knowledge. I am growing my buyers list and starting to look at properties. My market is beginning to rebound and there is a lot to look at. It feels a little overwhelming but I know that will fade after I get my first DEAL.
Thanks for the encouragement.


Remote Investing

We are interested in Remote Investing. I need to build a buyers list and am wondering since I don't know which area I am going to start in, can I advertise for buyers without stating a city or state. I am searching and researching the whole US.
Thank you,
Ruby and Debby

New Real Estate Investor

Hi All,

Like most of you, I am just starting out; just finished my education and looking to establish a buyers list. I am currently live in Canada but my target market is the USA. I have not yet done my first deal but would love to be a wholesaler. As such, I am looking for some great people to work with in finding properties and hopefully doing some deals with as well.


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