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I am a retired telephone tech from Massachusetts.I worked at Verizon for 25 years.My goal is to become independantly wealthy over the next 2 years by way of real estate.I have 4 older children 33,29,20,and 18 my main concern is to have a safety net for them.

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Retired Verizon Technician
Have Child(ren)
Some College


I am in need of group members

I have been wanting to start a group in the New England area,but as i was checking out the groups page it seems that no one on this site has any interest in New England.Let me tell you folks it may cost a little bit more to reside here but we will be booming in a few months.So if you have any interest in New England please comment on this post.Then we can start a group that will blow the rest of them away.Folks don't miss the boat to great profits here in New England. THANKS JIM

Good morning Jimmy!!! Are

Good morning Jimmy!!! Are you really from Mass. I though that I was the only one left!!Jim


Yes I am from Ma southern ma Plymouth Sorry it took so long to reply I just so involved in properties that I barely get time to check out these sites anymore checkout my other site

Squatters This is Unbelievable

Real Estate Agent Faces Temporary Restraining Order from Squatters Carole VanSickle | April 23, 2012 | 1 Comment A California real estate agent is having an unusually tough time selling one of her listings. The reason is not a difficult market or a tough economy; instead, she’s been banned from the property via a temporary restraining order that the squatters in residence have filed. “I cannot come within 50 yards of the home,” explains Melissa Case, the real estate agent who has been trying to sell the property via short sale since December of last year. The actual homeowner contacted her after he had already abandoned the property and asked for her help in selling. However, when Case arrived on the property, three people were living there without permission and without paying rent[1]. The squatters are demanding “proper eviction process” because they have established residency in the property. They have also produced what the homeowner and Case say is a false rental agreement. Case says that the police have also verified that the rental agreement is a fake, but that the police cannot take action because the issue is a civil matter[2]. She’ll be in court next week to fight the restraining order and hopefully have a short sale in the works at that time. Case says she has a potential buyer who is interested in the property as an investment. PS: Had to share this!!!

South Shore REI

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Hi Jim,

I am also a REI in the South Shore area. Are you still doing Real Estate Investing? I am a member of Dean's site as well. I am looking to connect with other REI in my area. Please let me know if you are interested.


new england homes

interested in ne group just getting started jim pm me with info on houses

Vacant Duplex in Crete, Illinois for Sale

Hi, I am in a jam, I will be closing on a Duplex in Crete, Illinois on July 30th and I do not have a buyer. Would you be interested or know anyone who would be interested? It's a low cost property ($58,000). I was trying to get $20K when I assigned the contract but, I will take less. I made my first mistake when I told the realtor that I will be able to accept an offer on a approved short sale and close in 7 days. Hope to hear from you soon, Thanks.

4 Bedroom
2 Bathroom
2 Car garage
Sqft 2324
Price: $58,000
ARV: $141,000
Repairs: $50,000

Let me know if you are interested and ready to close fast! Thanks.