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Welcome to the networking and information page for Texas investors. I hope everyone can contribute and find information to help them along their journey to Real Estate Investment Success. I will be trying to get Texas topics to get us started. I have discovered at least 80 people across Texas who are also DG'rs. I hope to see everyone here.

"Wendy" and "Globalfunder" are FRAUDS

Hello DG Family! I just sent a private message to Carl USN who was asking about start-up capital. The above-referenced names in the Title are a scam. It's the same person, Dean Wendy is his name, and he's from **** (another country). He preys on folks who are seeking alternative funding... usually because we have poor credit and are unable to receive traditional funding. He'll ask for all the customary information such as your name, address, occupation, etc., but he'll also require that you provide him with your BANK NAME, ROUTING & ACCOUNT NUMBERS!!! Don't do it!

Buyers List

A buyers list is one of the first things to do in REI. And it is one of the things that you need to continuously update. Basically if you don't have a buyer you can't make a sale.

Do you have your buyers list? How did you get started in finding them? What advice can you offer your fellow Texans in finding them?

I have started my buyers list by going to google maps and typing in "we buy houses" + "my town". This came up with a list of investors in my area. I found my fisrt 3 buyers on that list. The big problem that I had was actually calling them and asking questions. I know I messed up but I also know with practice I will get it right.


My first query is about Foreclosures...I know the concept, but will need to focus on the PROCESS of helping people in pre-foreclosure and such. Any help would be appreciated! There are sooo many foreclosures right here in Texas! TIA! ~Kat

Where do we want to Start?

If any one has a question pleas feel free to ask away. I do not know everything but I can usually find someone who does. If it is a tough question please give me some time to check with a few other people.

When we have enough people sign up to this group I would like to find a time we can get together to have a live chat. It will have to be a group collective.

I would like to start when they join, by having everyone tell your name, where you live and how long you have been in the DG frame of mind.

Hi my name is Amanda, I live in McDade Tx (30 miles east of Austin) and I have been on and off this site for 2 1/2 years.

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