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Day 2
Well here it is day two and I have already done so much! I have ordered some business that will be ready on Friday. I have located two real agents that are willing to meet with me this weekend to go over some Pre-Foreclosures, Foreclosures, and REO's so that I can determine which one(s) I want to make an offer on. However, one agent asked me about earnest money, and I noticed Dean's material really elaborated to much on this subject and right now I don't have an answer for her; Are there ways to lock in a contract without having earnest money? I know he talked about no money down deals, but does that also include no showing earnest money? Anyway, I have a lot of questions that perhaps my coaches at the Academy can answer. Anyway, I also started my Mortgage Officer listing and I finally finished a paragraph for my bandit signs. Hopefully this weekend I can start distributing these signs in the areas that are populated with high renters and average home owners. In addition, I am wondering how difficult it would be to start looking for Real Estate outside of my own state? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to begin? Well so far, I would say that I am progressing closer to my goals and that I will not stop until they have been reached!
Until my next blog god bless and take care....

Santa Clarita Investors seek counsel and guidance.

We're very new to this but have met the challenge head on so far. We're looking for advice from seasoned professionals who don't mind guiding us through the first deal. We've done all the legwork, set up a company, posted ads, got the 800 number, Business Cards, and the signs have been ordered. We also purchased the Prop Stream software available through Dean.

We need help in understanding the software and what it all means as the information is overwhelming to a beginner.

If you can, get in touch with us and lets make some money helping people who need it!


Rick & Peggy

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