Washington, DC metro area

Newbie here in the Nations Capitol, ( if I climb on my roof I can see Obama's roof..lol) Looking to network, Brainstorm, or just chat with fellow DG Family in my area. Let's start a group.
Pete Hunt
On this site as "hunt4success"

Been a long time, but I'm coming back

Hello All,
Pete Hunt here in Washington DC. Have not been on site, or active in REI for months. Last 6 months undergoing massive Chemo. Has taken physical toll, but almost in total remission and will be back in full swing soon.One of the Big side effects of the chemo was and still is Nueropothy(sp?). My feet have been so swollen I can barely walk. So I'm stuck in the house. But, I turned that negative into a positive by becoming a distributor for TalkFusion. I just posted a classified, "Kick your Biz up a Notch", several realtors have bought and love it.
That's it for today.

Tax liens and Deeds?

Anyone on here having experience with these please contact me. Participated In Dean's 3 day workshop last November. Part of the program included a course on liens and deeds hosted by SKWcentral I purchased a lien from them for $400 and something.(turns out the face value is only $317) This was before I fully understood the "Due diligence" process. Long story short. I was contacted by the jurisdiction telling me it expires in 12 months and if I don't start foreclosure proceedings the lien will become "null and void" and I lose my investment. Now here is the kicker. It is a vacant lot between some row houses and only valued at $700. What should I do? Can I start the proceedings on my own, or do I need an attorney?

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