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My name is Mark Walker, acquisition manager for Castlefield Development, LLC. We’re a Real Estate Investment firm. Due to the current economic conditions, Castlefield Development, LLC, has ramped up its existing operations. We currently have Funds for 20M Residential and 35M for Commercial and a large number of Private Investor Firms ready to buy.
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I currently am looking to

I currently am looking to get started investing in real estate. I'm finishing up my last months in the Navy and I'm motivated to try something new and work hard at it. I have a great credit score and am looking to buy my first property at a deep discount and rent it out, refinance immediately, and keep going. Any suggestions or advice on financing, deals, or renting?

Vegas is good place to start

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I just flipped a home in Vegas. There are a lot of good deals there. For long term investments I can hook you up. Let me know how much you want to spend. Email me for details.
bluesummerventures at gmail dot com.

I'm open for help

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Just getting started with DG but have some RE experience. Seems different doing it for yourself.

I'm in the Houston, TX area and have access to thousands of deals. Already hit the first obstacle of Fannie and Freddie lending guidelines.

You want to mentor me?
Help me roll some cash deals or help me aquire my goal of 360 rentals. We are seriously hot for rentals right now. Apartments are running 98% occupancy. More folks coming for work. We do have the jobs.

Would PLEASE help?

Investment Properties in NC

Are you interested in any investment properties in NC, Mark? We are new, but very serious about making REI our future, with Dean's system. We have formed our LLC, and found a good realtor and good attorney, and are finding great deals in the Catawba County area (Hickory, Newton, Conover, etc.) This is a great area for rental properties, and for retirement. Thank you for any interest or suggestions. Deborah, Main Street Real Estate Investments

Sign me up!

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Hey there Mark!!

I am so excited about things going on. I've been doing residential but I want to expand into commerical. This area is new to me but I have been getting deals for commerical but I haven't branched out yet. When I come across the right deal I will be sending it your way. Please contact me with information on the best way to get in contact.


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