Weekly or Monthly Conference Call?

What do the members of this group think of having either or weekly or monthly conference call? I think it's the jumpstart we need.

Please post here if you like the idea, and if so, would you prefer it to be monthly or weekly, your preferred day/time, etc. Or, if you have other ideas you'd like to see implemented for our group, please share.


weekly conference call

dackermandoc's picture

I would like to join in a weekly conference call with more DG people from the SE Wisconsin area. I've got some questions about this area. It seems so different than other parts of the country.

Let's schedule a meeting

I am new and just getting set up in NW Illinois. I would like to get together and knock some ideas around when the time is right. Are you all using a pre recorded message to sort and sift sellers and buyers? Thanks...

Conference Calls Sound Great!

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I am looking to network with other active investors, even if we are all starting out, we can brainstorm and come up with ideas/suggestions as to what is the best approach for different strategies. This sounds like a good idea, please keep me posted when the calls will be scheduled for!


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