Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #82 - Where the Heck is Dean? Get the scoop and great info...

The bad news is for the first time in a few years Dean got sick and he ended up losing his voice and even though he tried, he simply couldn't do the video blog this week... The good news is Ryan has made up for it by giving you a taste of what happened at this year's EDGE event with some great information from Matt Larson.

Dean will be back for next week's blog, but until then enjoy this clip!

For all the fathers out there - Happy Father's Day!


Hey Dean I was a little disappointed to see your not feeling well.Glad to see you had a replacement for the time being.Hope you feel better soon.I am still working toward my first deal just can't fill in the blanks for the assignment contract.Hope to soon.Bye for now.


went to two auctions today and did some great networking. I ended up with eight new investor profiles,emails,cell phones,business cards and some quick discussions about what they are looking for. I even found an attorney who does assignments which is what I want to do. I think auctions work even better than REIA's. I signed up at this auctioner's website for info. on future auctions,dates and info to ultimately meet more cash buyers for my buyer's list It's easy and you know that most are buyers (many are cash buyers)and not tire kickers. What a great,easy way to build up your buyer's list which is the first thing we are supposed to do. It gives one a boost of confidence to then find motivated sellers and make some $$$.

Sorry to hear about Dean being ill!

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Get better Dean, we miss you, and by the way, Ryan did a great job!


Get well !!! Soon !!!!

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I hope you get well soon because i no your a great dad and Happy father's Day to you Dean for showing all of us the real true way to make a living in this tough times, i wish you well and Health.See you on the other side of happyness.

Matt's Edge comments

Wow! What a great group of tips from Matt. Please keep the great tips coming.
Sky Ken

Matt is THE MAN!!!!/Get better soon Dean!

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If there's one word to describe what I just saw from the clip of Matt at this year's Edge Event, it's "GENIUS"! Matt is so right and dead on about your team of people helping you with real estate investing...."Your team is YOU!" I'm still trying to work on getting my full team together and finally start my real estate investing career once and for all, and after seeing this week's blog I KNOW I CAN DO IT! Thanks for filling in this week Ryan, and Dean I hope you had an awesome Fathers Day and are feeling much better. Take care and look forward to next weeks blog!



Thats sad,get better Dean.

Great wingman dean Ryan can get it done

I heard what Matt was saying and it sounds great. For 6yrs. i have been reading,watchn,learning from everyone about successful ways to run a business.But i will admit bein that rocketship and having patience and brakes for me has been the hardest thing yet.I still have'nt got that one down.It's hard to slow down when your setting and reaching your goals.Any more info on this topic would be very,very useful to me and alot of people i know..Thanks again Dean for your insight and time..

Listened again to Ryan and Matt

This is about the 4th time i have watched this blog to hear Ryan and Matt. Listening to the experienced students is inspiring. I really enjoy watching and listening.
Thank you, again

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