Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #82 - Where the Heck is Dean? Get the scoop and great info...

The bad news is for the first time in a few years Dean got sick and he ended up losing his voice and even though he tried, he simply couldn't do the video blog this week... The good news is Ryan has made up for it by giving you a taste of what happened at this year's EDGE event with some great information from Matt Larson.

Dean will be back for next week's blog, but until then enjoy this clip!

For all the fathers out there - Happy Father's Day!

Great Post

Thanks for stepping in ryan,
Man how i will be front row center in 2011!! sorry i missed it but i love when you guys give us tidbits so we an continue to take action to learn more. Dean hope you feel better soon!! we always miss you when your gone but we know were always taken care of. Thanks to the dg team for working so hard im so excited to hear what is in store!!

God Bless All,

Gorgeous Frazier

Hope you get to feeling better DEAN

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Sorry you wasn't here Dean, But what a great Blog. It was just what I needed to see. It was really good with I have in plan. I have set some pretty High standards for myself and It was a great reminded of what I need to do to stay focus and succeed.


dgadmin wrote: The bad news

dgadmin wrote:

The bad news is Dean was too sick to do the video blog this week... the good news is Ryan has made up for it by giving you a taste of what happened at this year's EDGE event with some great information from Matt Larson.

Dean should be back in full health for next week's blog, but until then enjoy this clip!

Get lots of rest Mr. Graziosi

Great blog with great example of space shuttle. We always need push in life to do something new. Changes don’t happen over night. It requires work and determination. Most important we need to focus on one major goal at a time. It takes some energy to push big rock from the mountain. Once it starts to roll down, nobody can stop it. I am part of Dean’s real estate success academy and moving fast with support of great coaches.


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you guys are AN AMAZING TEAM !! first great job filling in for dean ryan he has a fabulous team with yourself and crew!!second happy fathers day dean!! and hope u get better soon.get some rest cause we need your inspiration and motivation every day!! they say repetitions the mother of all skill and your repetition of motivating,inspiration and keeping us accountable is just OUT OF THIS WORLD !! THANK YOU !!
yes this part of the edge with matt was VERY MOTIVATING to hear what has made him successful and i was all ears as with all the presenters!! thank you matt !! the edge event was an enormous amount of knowledge that i will NEVER miss a goal is to someday inspire other dgers at the edge with my own presentation!! as you and all the successful students have !! it is a great feeling to be involved with all the top notch people that have learned from you !! dean i hope EVERY DAY is fathers day for you !!

Great job Ryan, thanks for

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Great job Ryan, thanks for filling in.
Next yr I will make it to that steak house you told me about Smiling

Dean feel better and enjoy fathers day with those precious kids.your daughter was so cute.
love that reminder,seeing matt up there, refreshes the whole event in my memory.
looking forward to next year.
p.s. I am modifying those letters I gave you. I HAVE A BETTER IDEA Smiling

Great Job Ryan

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Dean get well soon!

Ryan, you did a great job filling in!

That clip brought back memories!

Happy Fathers Day all!

Weekly video blog #82

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Good job, Ryan. Thanks for filling in for Dean and seeing to it that we got a message from "REI Headquarters" LOL. The message from Dean is extremely important to start each week. It was great to see Matt again, that was a good choice.

Hi, Dean. I'm sorry to hear that you're ailing because I bet it takes a lot to get you down. Thanks for making sure we got a blog this week. I'm sure there will be a lot of prayers said for you this week. I expect that you will be feeling better very soon. A man with a heart as big as yours must surely have an equally large, almost supernatural, ability to fight off those microscopic invaders who are trying to get you off your game. They just don't know who they're messing with. Plus you have a very large family!

Best wishes, Dean. Happy Father's Day and God Bless You and yours.

Terry and Susan

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers
out there and have a great week!!


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Nice to see you filling in again! Good job. Dean is lucky to have such a wonderful team - you guys are all the best!
To Dean - Happy Fathers Day! Sorry you were under the weather, but the bright side is you got to stay home with your wonderful family! Hope you are back in top form soon!
Happy Fathers Day to all DG Dads!

Thanks Ryan

for filling in for Dean, praying for a speedy
recovery, Happy Fathers day Dean and all
dg fathers, Matt's presentation was AWESOME Thanks


Stepping in

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Thanks for the intro Ryan, thought you were going to say Dean is out enjoying Father's Day. By the way...for all the fathers out there in DG Land, Happy Father's Day! Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast. Today Matt Larson details the inner working of his Method and team work. Thanks again everyone, this piece of The Edge is just getting better and better. Dean please get better and gargle with warm salt water, it helps.

Bill G.

Thanks Ryan

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Thanks Ryan for giving us a grate blog.

Dean we hope you are feeling better. We pray for a speedy recovery.

Steve and Veronica

Awesome post

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Thanks Ryan, for the great clip. I think it's the first, or second lesson in the Success Academy lessons that talks about creating a power team. It's also one of the first things i brushed to the side. I got some work to do. Thanks again and i hope Dean is feeling better!

Hey way Go ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And still another great blog man very helpful!!!

P.S. thanks DGM team
We are all a team in this way of life
Get well Dean and God bless
Nice job Ryan!!!!


Thanks for the video blog, Ryan. This was just what I needed to hear this morning. Even though I was @ the EDGE Event, it's easy to forget all the little nuggets of wisdom that were given. You did a super job!

Dean, hope you feel better soon. Hope you had a wonderfully blessed Father's Day Laughing out loud!



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Matts's short blog is good and logical. Its just too short, I want more Matt Larson

Great Job Ryan

Ryan great job and thank you Matt for you part of the Edge 2010 sorry I missed it hope to be their next year 2011. Also Dean hope you get well very soon we all need you. And last but not least hope all of you "Fathers in our DG Family had a very Happy Fathers Day!"



Cool blog But I felt Matt got cut off, I like where he was going with it though. Great advice, decent job to the both of them.
Get well soon Dean



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Yes it is a great blog/video. Dean will be proud of you Ryan. I too felt like Matt got cut off. Can we hear more from Matt? Maybe Matt can make a video blog for us???? Pretty please Matt?

Get Well Soon!

Dean, Hope you're fit as a fiddle real soon.
Ryan, Thanks for the great blog, you did Dean
proud. Matt, Thanks for the great info, I know
it will help a lot of people. You guys ROCK!


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Great food for thought, thanks the spaceship analogy...

Thanks Ryan

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Great clip. When I started to watch the clip it kind of looked like Matt had a cigar in his mouth when I first glanced at the screen until I blinked and it was his mic. I thought it looked funny. Sorry Matt


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Thank you so much for filling in for Dean. The clip was an excellent choice. Ya dun did Dean proud! Sorry 'bout that. Great job! Dean, I'm sorry to hear you're not well. I hope you're back in the saddle soon. You've got a good man in Ryan as I'm sure you know. Give that man a raise. I hope everybody's had a great Father's Day. I don't want to leave all the ladies out, so happy belated Mother's Day. Best of luck everyone....Johnnym66

open Video Message

Do I need additional software to opeen the video's? I get a white screen and click on the title of the blog as well as othe highlighted areas.

Dean, We Hope You Feel Better Soon

As always, thanks Ryan for stepping in and doing a wonderful job. The video clip of Matt was excellent, but too short. We pray that Dean gets better soon. The little time out will give the body, rest. We look forward to seeing you next week. God Bless.


weekly blog

Happy Father's Day Dean!!!
I hope you get better real soon...Ya Did Great Ryan!!

Thanks Dean

You doing good job Ryan!!

Thank you for blog, and I wait for the next week blog.I enjoy wath talked si inspireing me and other too,but don't know how to start it , I keep waiting Dean every day and I looking out of the windows every day, when you will come to nock my door.

Thank you again.

God bless all.

Kong Sourivong.


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Great job with the weekly video blog!

Dean we hope you feel 100% better and hope you had a very special and Happy Father's Day!

Make sure you get a little more rest, have some chicken soup and watch a few movies. The Toy Story 3 movie is a great option for next weekend. Smiling Continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

Great blog Ryan

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Great job with the blog Ryan. Dean, hope you feel better. Rest up for a little while, and hope you enjoyed Father's Day.


Great job Ryan Like always on top of thangs.

Matt Like always it's great hearing from you & what you have to say. Keep on sending some more wisdom.I enjoy hearing what you have to say.
So with that said. To all out there I hope and pray that everyone had a great Father's Day.
Dean feel better & I also wish that you had a great Father's Day. Peace & lots of love to U & your family.


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