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Andre Pauli
Huntington Beach, CA

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Loss Prevention Supervisor / Real Estate Investor
No Children
In College

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Hey Andre

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Hey Yea I'm doing the same here I'm making sure that i read the book from cover to cover lol

Yea and Joel Is a Great Guy I learned alot from him...

In Fact it was Joel Friendship with Dean that made me trust Dean...

I knew that someone who knows God and Jesus wouldn't lie about Opportunities like this lol

we will definitely stay in touch

Good Luck
God Bless

Gerard Doret

Hey Andre,

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Good Morning,
Our Meeting with Anita, is next friday in Palmdale do you wanna carpool with me??? Let me know I would love for you to come and join our group is getting bigger everytime we meet. Email me at Lahana92@****

Best of Luck! Im jealous because you live by the beach, you brat!I do prefer Newport over yours though, but im not picky. My daughter works out of Newport shes 17.

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DAH! I forgot email, is corrected now

Your almost to the inner circle

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Your 179 points away from being a member of the inner circle keep up the good work

Contributions and blogs. And replying to blogs is how you get there god bless you and add me to you buyers and sellers list asap.