Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #226 - Chasing the Horizon and Free iPhone 5

Ever feel like you just aren’t doing enough? Do you have a vision of yourself (or your life) that just doesn’t match with reality? If you have a habit of comparing your live, your success or your path with anyone else you are playing a losing game.

In this video, Dean discusses how to overcome this “self-defeating habit” so you can really feel the joy of your successes. Then he tops it all off with a piece of homework that will not only help you as an investor, but will give you a chance to win a new iPhone 5 that Dean is giving away.


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Thank you once again Dean for sharing this site with us. It helps a lot to have these tools at our disposal and for our benefit. Your great!


I am sorry that I have not taken more action in pursuing real estate. I enjoyed your blog today and agree that if you look back at what you have done over the last several months, you will probably be surprised at what you have accomplished, even if it doesn't include a deal. The Postlets website alm ost seems to good to believe, but I was impressed with the professional look of the ads. I will be tuning in to the webcasts on Thursday and Saturday, but if I am unable to watch it all, I hope that they will be replayed. I am a member of DGInsider Elite, but I am not taking advantage of it.....


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Okay Dean, I finally went to and signed up! I wasn't able to do anything because the site wouldn't let me do anything! I'll go back later to see if I can get on. I don't have anything to post anyway, but I will check out the site!

New Postlets account

Dean I've been lagging on this, it has been suggested several times before, but you finally motivated me to do it. Thank you,

Postlets Amazing

I created an account on postlets. I seen the examples there and the format is simply beautiful. Thanks Dean.


Thank you Dean I felt that i am in the gap . Dean you are doing a great job i will check out postlets.

WOW THANKS Dean you always

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WOW THANKS Dean you always good things thanks I am on my way to postlets

Registered to POSTLETS

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Thank Dean I ran off and registered to

Thanks for the confirmation

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It's always so helpful when you share that what we are feeling and experiencing is ok. You are so right about the steps and accomplishments we are making along our new career path. I appreciate the reassurance.

I set up an account on and went to enter my property only to find that my realtor had already posted it. Here's a shout out to Kim for being so proactive on my listing.

Postlets Rocks!

I checked the site out and that is one cool resource to sell properties. Thanks for the tip in your weekly wisdom Dean!


Postlets account and listing - done!

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Thank you so much for all you do, Dean. I'm always learning from you. After watching the video, I immediately went to, set up my account, and listed one of my houses for rent. So easy. So helpful. I'm so grateful.

Thank you!


Just signed up and boy it looks great. Can't wait for the Boots on the Ground next week... see you there

thanks for the info on This is great.


Hey Dean, thanks for sharing yet another great tool for improving our business! Working on 4 deals right now and getting more in the pipeline each week..... 25:1.
Looking forward to this weeks event in Rochester, NY.
Ted Fall
TDF Home Solutions, LLC


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Just check out the site!!


Checked out Postlet and it is very good with a
large help site for 25 things---good site


Okay, I'm registered on I'm moving along in baby steps. Met and had lunch with a liscensed realtor and we are committed to working together in this thing. YES! This would be a good asset to us moving forward, so thanks a lot Dean you are the MAN. God Bless.


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Have an account with Postlets now, but no properties yet to list.

The ideal talk being a horizon we will never achieve really hit home with me. Thanks!


Postlets Site

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Thanks again for giving us great advice and tips on how to do thing more professional to gain success.


Re: 30 Days To real estate cash download book

I wanted to thank you Dean for letting me download from your site for free your book 30 days to real estate cash.

I am on page 22 and I am getting a lot out of your book already. Thank you!

Has anyone out there did a deal from Dean's book 30 days to real estate cash? and would they like to post their story? on this site.

Great Weekly Blog

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Thanks Dean your blogs are always bring it and thank you for the house keeping


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Love postlets it really works thanks Dean


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Just saw your Weekly Wisdom #226.

I loved the positive information and energy that you put forth. We ALL can benefit from your words of wisdom. Sometimes we expect so much from ourselves that we overwhelm ourselves.

I promise that from this day forward, I am going to make my very best effort to give myself a break. I don't know anyone who puts more pressure on me than myself.

Thank You Dean,

Also, I love the Postlets site. I am one person that truly appreciates a professional product.

Talk to you soon...............


Climbing vs sliding is
a great way to remember what
we've been doing even when
it feels like it's not enough.

& I signed up for postlets as well..
didn't have any specifics to put
on there so I'll just have to fix
that by getting to work!

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